Night terrors and paranormal shit

So I haven’t done much with magick in at least three weeks. Been working 12 hour days in construction and tired.

First, I live in an extremely rural area. Not many neighbors. Anyhow a few nights ago I had a night full of nightmares. On two occasions I awoke to what sounded like banging on the walls and my front door opening and closing. Both times I got up looking for intruders. Nothing. I began to wonder if the spirits were trying to get my attention because I’d been away for a while. Thoughts?

Risks of the trade when you decide to explore these paths. Just try to stay calm and avoid fear. The more you’re exposed to the phenomenon the more desensitized to it you will become over time.

Just do a basic cleansing if you feel that some unwanted spirits are trying to get your attention. Do a divination first, of course.

Also, it all may be manufactured from inside you. In other words, what appears to be external forces may be your own powerful deeper mind awakening that you’ve tapped into through your magick/occult explorations. Taking time away has allowed this to soak and saturate into your deeper consciousness. And what may be awakening you from your sleep may be your own long slumbering powerful beast of a mind that you are awakening through magick. :wink:

Could it be Wind, or something of this Kind?
I always look at the Most earth to earth and Rational possibilities before blaming any Supernatural Forces or Being

It’s possible. But coupled with the dreams, I don’t think so. If anything, it was just part of my dream.

When you start to do weird stuff, weird stuff starts to happen! :slight_smile: