Night djinn to empower spells

If you guys need extra power to cast a spell at night you can call one of the djinn. Call him by his name, day of the week and state your wish:

Sunday: Da’wan
Monday: Kharash
Tuesday: Khansar
Wednesday: Ham’il
Thursday: Shamradal
Friday: Manyail
Saturday: Sham’oon


Those guys can be used in chakra meditations too, like the divs are attributed to the chakras then then. May at days.


How interesting. I must try the chakra kundalini thing one of these nights. Now is soon to be the Super blackmoon followed by the Sabbath of Lucifer, Lughnasad and my schedule is full. Its a lot of power in the air.



Yeah each day is attributed to a planet research it and make them in order

Root chakra saturn, Saturday
Sacral chakra venus I think.


Da’wan is the solarize plexus
Kharash is the third eye
Sham’oon root chakra
Friday mainyal


To call them, do you need their sigils or just calling them is enough? I’m just curious, about how to summon the Djinn Kings?


Can they help with astral projection?

I read jinn are incarnated living beings so they are able to take human form whenever they wish and go into non-physical form whenever. If that is true, jinns are one of the most dangerous races ever.


I love working with the Djinns. Indeed they are very powerful structured and maybe some of them dangerous. But some of the Goetia spirits are also Djinns acting like connections between the realms.


So jinns cannot retain human form for a long time?

Don’t have a seal or incantation of each of them for this more powerful nighttime effect for spells ??

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that’s what we find in the book red magick:
Sunday:servant (daw’an), angel (kasfiel)
monday: servant (kharash), angel (ruqiel)
tuesday: servant (khansar), angel (gabriel)
wednesday: servant (ham’il), angel (samsamael)
thursday: servant( shamradal), angel(michael)
friday: servant( manyail), angel (sarfiel)
saturday: servant (sham’oon), angel (aniel)

Come, O N., O servant of this night and do [state your need].

Their only use if I understand correctly is if you want to do a ritual at night or probably be able to practice an Arab magic ritual at night, without worrying about the day or planetary time at which you have to do it.


So after I’ve done a contact me spell or a love spell on a Friday at let’s say 3am.

I should then say;

“Come, Manyail, oh servant of the night, and bring forth the communication of [target name].

I am thankful for your help.

I offer you this incense as a sign of my gratitude.

Now go forth oh Manyail.”

After this is stated can I then go about doing what I do and let go.