Night demons vs Day demons - here we go again

Some are classed as “day” some are classed as “night”. What’s the significance behind this or is it just in the eye of the author like I hear many,many.many…X1000, conflicting/different “best times (dates when strongest) to summon…” etc.etc. is there any real significance here with the above mentioned. Same is true with candle color, metals, herbs, even incense ALL vary source to source it seems. I.e “King Paimon prefers white candles” says one “NO NO NO- King Paimon told me (not me specifically just making examples here from a reading) he hates white candles and perfers black…” I could go on and on and I think everyone knows what I mean- although I must apologize as I’ve posted similar before and was given a good title to read as far as herbalism and spirits but the name of the book escapes me now. So basically I’ve never understood the connection between dates, time of year, time of day, they’re metal, or herbs. Only know what I’ve read- however one can only have so much on hand.

In my experience, you can call on demons day or night. However, if you are looking for strong manifestation, it is worth looking at their correspondences, including recommended day and hour. You will get a better connection the more you try and align your approach with the historic references… Other than days and hours, I do think it is subjective. I have had good experiences with S.Connolly’s correspondences for demons if helpful.

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Just try to contact them when you want. Don’t worry about what others say about Paimon or anyone else,they are usually just making it up, imo. The candle color does not matter.

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I was just using King Paimon (I believe in always addressing as King even in type and not “in person”) as an example because that was a specific example I was referencing but the same is true of any. That’s good to know about S Connolly’s reference- I believe I read somewhere she authored her own goetia. I need to get my hands on that.

It’s a good one. I got mine on Lulu, and I recommend the hardcover copy. It just feels nicer and it has a nice dust jacket.

And you hit on a few points she does cover in the book. For example, candle color is pointed out as not being a limiting factor, because we were interacting with these intelligences before colored candles existed, or candles for that matter.

She also points out that these are guidelines, and that individual experiences do vary. I agree. To use King Paimon as an example, He is a day daemon, but the most significant things involving working with King Paimon always seem to happen at night with me. And yes, frankincense is a go-to, but keep in mind that it is a base incense listed, possibly as a carry over from the original goetic works, or possibly because of some energy corespondance. You do not need incense at all to have an intense experience.

It’s supposed to be astrological. There is a table in most copies of The Goetia. IMO it is not 100% accurate. But, it is a system to work from. 72 spirits. 36 day, 36 night. 12 months in the year, 3 day spirits and 3 night spirits for each month (roughly).

That makes sense- although there seems to be a lot of different dates listed from different authors

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Keep in mind the spirits in the Goetia came from older sources, that did not have the same time constraints or even circles.