Nidhogg- The Dragon Chewing Yggdrasil

So, if you’ve seen some of my posts Algiz likes exploding for me. Sometime’s it a radiant sun, others it’s a dull, thumping glow.

I sought advice, and I talked to Orismen- after looking at his “Runetastic 24 Days” thread.

Anyways, he told me to open the rune.

Stuff happened. The background altered and shifted in depth, and I felt a definite presence. One that was almost… excited. So, after staring at the rune for a bit I get the sense that something is trying to come through, to contact me.

Then I get the vision of a skeleton on a black background- but not a human skeleton, it had an elongated, fanged skull, and it’s ribs (four of them) were long, and connected loosely between two shoulder-pad bones.

I got the sense that the skeleton was alive, and heard an ear piercing shriek. The thing snapped in two.

Stunned, I continued to gaze into the rune before a massive eye showed up.

I only got an idea of how big it was later. A skyscraper would fit neatly into the pupil of the dragon.

I stared at the white eye for a long time and it stared at me. Sizing me up, if you will. Deciding. Then, satisfied, it sunk away.

I contacted Orismen again. He told me of Nidhogg, and that our godslaying paths were similarly aligned.

So, that night I drew a sigil for the dragon and decided to see if I could mentally link to it. When I did, I received the impression that I should look up- and saw two little eyes staring at me.

“Embrace death, child.” I heard in my mind. I closed my eyes, and death essence surrounded me, before rushing into my body. It wasn’t unpleasant.

The next day, I tried opening the sigil.

I get the sense that a flame was flickering, a time was dying, and that my destiny was great.

Whenever I look at the sigil (which has a good half inch of sharpie on it) it flips out, disappearing and reappearing and giving off a transparent shine. Multiple times something, which I believe to be Nidhogg himself, pressed up against the sigil, not aggressively though- more like “PAY ATTENTION TO ME.”

After that, more power flowed out of the sigil. I was once trying to break my way through to Nidhogg (he has the craziest barrier- I think it might be the tree) when the sigil became real damn hot. So hot I was tempted to drop it, but didn’t. I continued to gaze into the sigil, which was on a piece of paper, when it literally moved itself out of my hands.

I didn’t drop it, it removed itself from my grasp.

I’ve done some crazy things with Nidhogg since, like building a Dark Knight servitor that can run around and attack people, draining more and more energy from humans and putting it to immediate use. I feel much more predatory, my head held high and my mouth in a small snarl just walking around.

He told me something. I heard it in a dream, and again in consciousness:

“Our stars have been aligned for some time, little mage, and I see no cause in which our paths should not align.”

Has anyone else worked with this dragon? He’s REALLY strong, and a great companion. I once heard a telepathic alarm- my brain made a loud sound not unlike a helicopter. I couldn’t check it out because I was in public, but then I felt something pass me by and a shadow went forward (seemingly OUT of ME).

Then my alarm quieted. And my energy sort of exponentially increased. This was before I made the combat servitor. I saw the flash of a toothy smile, and a thought pieced itself together:

“Need I prove myself further?”

I’ll definitely work with him in the future, thanks for posting

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:1, topic:2537”]He told me something. I heard it in a dream, and again in consciousness:

“Our stars have been aligned for some time, little mage, and I see no cause in which our paths should not align.”[/quote]

Had he watched “Thor the dark world” ?

Just kiddin, congratz on your work :slight_smile:

Thanks! I feel much more accomplished now, yet the long road is only just beginning.

Once, but I can’t really talk about it - but I’m not surprised now that you’re finding alignment of purpose, and I think it’s excellent. Please keep us posted.

I shall! I thank all of you that posted.

Off I go, sprinting into the temple of Utter Blackness, otherwise known as my house!

Why does not such shit happen to ME? :frowning:

Congrats, man! Very impressive!

Thanks! And to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I’m gonna let Nidhogg guide me (He’s quite literally putting an invocation in my head- which I wouldn’t have thought of before) until I get strong enough that I can start hunting the gods.

I don’t know why such shit does not happen to you. Do runes explode in your face? Algiz is still screaming at me.

Well, you said keep you fellows posted, so I shall: exactly ten days later.

Nidhogg has done strange things. For one, just yesterday, when I was trying to decode the show Paranormal Witness (which I’ve been attempting at spiritually for some while now) I sensed his presence and the inquiry as to just what I was doing.

I responded: “Trying to see if these “spirits” are actually occult beings.”

His response? To somehow, someWAY, shrink his energies (I saw the outline of him condense) and plop down on the couch, and floor, across from me. Needless to say, watching television with an ex temporal dragon was quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever done. After asking him why he decided to watch television, guess his response.

“All is calm.”

Nidhogg over these past ten days has also given me a few spiritual exercises to “hone my astral combat capabilities”, including connecting with a massive servitor dark knowledge network dubbed “The Black Knight”, and bringing planetary energy into my physical cells to mend wounds and guard the body part in question.

In addition, Nidhogg has given me hints and nudged me towards shapeshifting secrets that I am trying to discern, and after he approves, if I can manage it, I will share them.

Nidhogg has also given me tips on how to improve my psychic armor, and has given me the gift of perceiving other’s internal energies.

When I performed the working in WoD to “enter the darkness”, There was a certain physical shape I kept detecting- one of the serpent. Looking back, I feel like I may have also contacted the Midgard Serpent during that ritual, somehow connected through Nidhogg.

My abilities are only swelling, with everyday visualizations and intent to cast “storm spells”, as Nidhogg dubs them, which manifest instant change in my environment. I’ve only experimented with the psychological side of them, like blocking people from entering an area, but I will expand my testing.

If you saw the thread down in Healing and Self-Defense, I was able to successfully heal a pet of mine.

I’m working on my Ascent, and with the completion of my Astral Temple, I’ll be speeding my way towards godslaying.

Good hunting,

I love reading things like this. Keep it up!

Got to love a guy who is shooting for the stars…cause he wants to eat them. :slight_smile:

I have been throwing around a theory about your eating gods. Based on what Defectron said about his friend that claims to have eaten a well known god, but others seem to be able to call upon said god with no problems. I wonder if what you are doing is just severing your own connection with that god. That would cause a great deal of traumatic energy that you could consume.

I guess only time will tell, but good luck and happy hunting sir.

Thank you both, kind sirs.

I’ve been throwing around a theory as well. I’ve been thinking that if prayer empowers an entity, than the gods can just come back infinitely. Which makes the path difficult, because I’d have to rekill the same gods again and again.

But keep in mind that word “kill”. I’d still be able to devour them. Who knows, maybe- just maybe- if I consume enough of the gods, I’d be able to permanently destroy them.

Or maybe, if a god isn’t seen as worthy by the Eternal Source, I could act as it’s assassin. Which would be pretty profound- being the assassin of gods hired by the source of those Gods.

I get a sense that I’m going to approach full on astral combat sooner rather than later, so in the next ten days, I will update on this.

11 days later, and here I am!

Quite a few advancements. For one, I’ve taken up Omnimancy- but not become a student of it. Under the guidance of Nidhogg, I’ve averted snowstorms accidentally in my area. My first experiment was to build a construct that heated my body. I tried to, and frowned when it didn’t work.

What wasn’t explainable was that for the next few hours I became infuriatingly hot for no reason whatsoever. I felt like I was melting, but I was overjoyed. After all, success.

I had a suspicion that a certain forum member was astrally surveying me, so I made a defense against that particular entity. It worked brilliantly, so, my suspicion confirmed and my work verified, I’ve started to get more into Omnimancy.

I killed my first Gargoyle! I created an astral realm and wandered through a heavily infested subterranean area filled with crocodile men. Eventually I happened across a portal, and the Gargoyle fled into it. I pursued it. NEVER doubt the power of the Disruption Patterns, I was able to melt astral objects by projecting it to them.

Something interesting about the Gargoyle and the battle I had with it: Firstly, it kept fleeing and attacking from afar. And flying. It flew quite a bit, actually. But something interesting happened. At one point, it flew across a stream of blue lava (that place was veritably fucked up) and I willed myself to follow it.

I astrally teleported to it. Somehow. It didn’t feel like moving, it felt like a blink and I was just…there. So, development.

Another thing interesting is that I’ve been enlightened in how to construct a “dark flare”, as Nidhogg calls it, which works somewhat like this: I make a construct with a hypersphere in the containment field. I saturate it with a spell of some kind, generally one to kill some old fart. I pull that spell from the Logris and place it in the field. Then a link to the victim is established, and the hypersphere teleports through the defenses into the link and into the victim, and releases the dark magic.

I haven’t actually tried to kill anyone with it yet. Will update when it works.

I’ve been successfully able to manipulate about a half dozen people like dominoes in order to get what I want. Working on making that a much larger group.

That weapon I was talking about? Seems to be some sort of internal amplifier of magic. Which is useful.

I’ve abandoned shapeshifting at the moment, as I’m rather busy with constructing magical life. Progress is good and expanding.


I’ve been able to drain my memories and people from them, so I found potential limitless energy! Oh, and I’ve been able to drain plants so far. Trying to drain them to death, but haven’t advanced much in that field.

I surveyed Area 51 in a different reality. I couldn’t even get close because there was a gargantuan battle being raged in the astral. I spotted multiple dragons, thousands of “death egregores”, and an actual LICH. The lich is still hard to describe, and I watched it for a while as it steamrolled the area.

So, I’ve turned my sights to lichdom as well.

I’ve been able to view my astral self from Nidhogg’s perspective, and my jaw dropped. I appear misty, not all there, but the mouth and head of a giant snake is developing as my astral head. Horns are making their way as well. I have astral claws and WINGS for whatever reason. It’s really interesting, viewing oneself in another way, but this was… progress, all I can think to call it.

If I can manipulate people on a small scale, and reverse the weather, I can also broadcast thoughts to the masses. More on this operation when it’s complete.

Tech magic is a lot of fun to use. And it is a LOT more potent than a lot of forms of magic. For instance, I was able to within a minute build a construct that set a business back by a few hours. And that’s just starting out!

I don’t even need ritual anymore, I just build what I want and it happens.

I’ve discovered the Logris, a powerful tool in all magicians that can be used to store spells. When the spells are stored in the Logris, they gain power and can be withdrawn at any time to be cast immediately. Needless to say, I’m stacking my firepower.

With all of these new developments, I can’t help but think of what’ll happen in the coming years. I’ve been instructed to take on a few high level facilities within the next two years of my practice. On my own. The latest I have for this operation is New Year’s Eve 2015- to attack three astral fortresses and conquer them. So, that’ll be fun.

Call it insanity, but I think my humanity is slipping as I progress further. I look upon the masses and think of them not as humans anymore but as a resource, as something I can tap into. I get more and more predatory urges, that I’ve mostly managed to dull, and I’ve never even THOUGHT of helping the general people. I’m getting darker and darker, but the problem (or is it the solution?) is that I don’t want it to STOP.

And I still don’t know how to sign my posts.

May the Dark prevail, and eternally,

[quote=“Orismen, post:11, topic:2537”]Got to love a guy who is shooting for the stars…cause he wants to eat them. :slight_smile:

I have been throwing around a theory about your eating gods. Based on what Defectron said about his friend that claims to have eaten a well known god, but others seem to be able to call upon said god with no problems. I wonder if what you are doing is just severing your own connection with that god. That would cause a great deal of traumatic energy that you could consume.

I guess only time will tell, but good luck and happy hunting sir.[/quote]

It wasn’t eaten it was destroyed, at least that’s what she said. Also funny you should talk about eating stars…

Also to sevarn, I would try to use a little more discretion with your eating, I usually will only eat entities if I know they are both powerful and not freindly to my interests. It’s my policy to build bridges and not walls if I come across an entity that is neutral towards me I’ll try to make freinds with it first. If you just start eating things without discretion eventually your going to piss off the wrong people.

The area 51 battle sounds interesting though, if what you saw is accurate, perhaps one of the parties in that battle may be freindly towards my interests, I’ll have to look into that some more.

Eventually, but I’m not eating without discretion. The astral has it’s uses, after all.

And maybe one of the parties is friendly towards your interests. Who knows? All I saw was a lich attacking the place.

Congratulations on your contact!
I wanted to share a method of communication with Norse entities.
I did this with Odin after receiving my runes in the mail.

First get yourself a set of runes (Not entirely necessary but it helps A LOT)
Call on Odin to guide your hands while pulling the runes from the bag for your divination about the dragon.
Once you receive the information go from there with your intent.
Write down a calling to the dragon and what you want from him in English.
Then translate the intent into the runic alphabet and write it in black marker.
Then traslate the dragons name into the runic alphabet and create a sigil with the runes.

Open the runic statement and the sigil while calling out your intent in english.

For Odin I burned tobacco and gave an offering of mead.
But ask the dragon what he preferes.

Odin was basically like "I want what your smoking and qhat your drinking"

Also look up runic yoga and ask the dragon to guide your hand in pulling out one rune that sybolizes your relationship.
For me with Odin it was Gebo which symbolizes joy,marriage and partnership…
Open the rune and take the runic yoga posture while vibrating the runes name or the dragons name or both. has great resources for the runes.It has their meanings,origins,the runic yoga postures,and a java script that translates English letters into the runic alphabet.

I wish you luck and hope this method is as amazing for you as it was for me with Odin!

Keep us posted brother!

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Thanks for the method Musta, but I don’t “want” anything from Nidhogg. He wants “to make a monster of me” that “eternity cannot shatter”. He is training me because he wants me to become something greater. In return, I help him deal with his things. (I recently discovered he was being swarmed by a bunch of shadows that would not let him move)

It’s a mutual partnership, but I WILL meditate on which rune symbolizes this “benefactor-benefactee” relationship.

Anyway, it’s good to hear that you’ve got a spirit on your side! Keep going up there, friend! In the words of Zack Hemsey, “Now I’m moving faster while that ticking clock slows”.


If he wants to make a monster out of you then translate into the runic alphabet on what moves you should be making unless you’re already receiving that information.
Do you know his purpose of wanting to do this?
Use the method I gave you and ask.
But I highly recommend the runic yoga.
When I opened the rune and took on the posture my temple which was only illuminated by a couple of candles completely filled with divine light as Odin descended into my temple.
This couple help you make more of a connection with him.

I’ve been meaning to post my 2 day working with Odin (which I plan on getting back on track with as soon as I’m done with the dead) so you can read the most amazing experiencevI’ve had so far in my occult career.

There’s more info to it than I gave you here and the post will come straight with my journal.
Usually I don’t reveal too much about my workings,but Odin told me to spread his influence to “Bring back the ways of old”

It’s good to hear about Odin! Also to hear that someone else has a Norse god/dragon helping them.

The link you gave me was a domain for sale apparently, so I’ll look more into the runes soon.

I DO know his purpose of doing so. I’m not sure if he wants that revealed, however.

I would love to compare notes about The All Father with you Musta. Though granted the only experience I had with him came about from my Runetastic 24 days, I have a feeling that I wil beseeing more of Odin-One Eye.