Nice and Inspiring sentences from known persons

I thought i’d share this link instead of posting the picture and the text with it…because it really made me think a lot…as what it says in the text commenting the picture… is as…

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you will see.” Winston Churchill.

What made you who you are?

I question that to myself for a long time and only since last year i started to understand it…
Why am i different…
Why did i have to live this fucked up life…
Why why why
Then suddenly everything is clear O_O
Because Answers came! =D

oh the link +_+

I rarely do this, but I have extended my help to numerous members regardless of inexperience, but you I will not help.

Here’s why.

In the past 4 days, you have made 68 posts so far, only 2 of which anyone could like.

You’re averaging over 15 posts a day, you’re going over every board imaginable, and you’re just nonstop posting bullshit.

I do not learn anything from your posts, I do not give a shit about your “contract”. I was completely unaware that you had to go through such shocking lengths to get nothing except to be the submissive sexual partner of a spirit.

Your posts distract from real work here. And your shocking ignorance suggests that you should really do some research on some of these topics.

One of the last posts Sunnas made.

"Maybe someone can explain me then who is Samael ? "
no, you can use fucking google, we aren’t your bitch, we aren’t here to spoon feed you, the name of the site is become a living god, not where you’d fit in just fine. If you want to know who Samael is, you should open his sigil and find out personally.

I am beyond tired of your presence, I grow weary reading your posts and seeing them pollute this place. Day by day, my ability to tolerate this charade of nonsense is quickly decreasing.

The philosophy of the left hand path is simple.

Your aim is to take responsibility for your life and actions. Your goal is godhood, and the tool is magick and spiritual development, and if you aren’t serious about any one of those things, this is not the place for you.

This community helps and assists others who are serious about their spirituality in their quest for godhood, or at least those whom seriously want to better their situations with magick. This is a serious place, where people (often with many years experience) come to talk about serious things. This is not a facebook bdsm forum, where you can tell us how much you like to be the “slut” of whatever spirit you believe is doing something for you.

You do not wish to better yourself
You do not wish to become a god
You wish to become the spiritual bitch of a much greater entity, and latch onto it like a parasite forging “contracts” to suckle at it’s teat and never tell. Meanwhile people here get to interact with spirits, summon them to visible manifestation, ask them questions…And guess what, we get to share results with each other, because nobody stops us from telling. The systems of magick we use are designed to be used for this.

In the left hand path, we approach entities as partners or equals on the path to godhood (with vodoun, and demonic pacts being an obvious exception where you have to submit yourself to gain something, the manner of “submission” being a completely different context).

I cannot respect you for willingly being a bitch, when you could be an equal or exalt yourself to the status of a living god.

It is my experience, that spirits don’t respect people who worship them in this manner, or worship them at all instead of working with them as partners.

The more I look back on your posts, the more I see their future. No useful information, no useful conversation, no useful anything. Just lots of trolling, and bullshit about what you’re “allowed” to say. This is your future here, unless you change today and act serious. It will be the same old song and dance until admins get fed up with your presence and delete your account.

It might be time to delete his or her account.

That is assuming his “friend” or somone on the forum doesn’t get to him first. A being who I have on good word is out to screw him over told him he’s basically invincible and he’s been parading that about the forum, so I think we all know where this is going.

EDIT: Well actually I do think there may be one useful thing Sunas did since coming here. Useful to me anyway, and I will be investigating it tonight, I will make a post about it tomarow with my findings.

someone on here already said and said it well, everyone and everything is destructible and therefore nothing is invincible
i certainly am not…and i am weak…

Sunas, I believe you need the help of an old fan favourite of this forum. His name is “The King Genie”. The things that this amazing entity can do goes beyond Godhood,and all for a very low eBay cost.

What does it do ?

We have no face palm emoticons, so were going to have to do with this instead.


Somebody say King Genie? :smiley:

What i can only say though is that i am a person that has no money and never really had any money…and why on earth would i buy the Power of The King Genee ?

Hell son Mr. Goddamn King Genie will make all you fantasies come true, even the one you have where your neighbor puts his finger in you and you pretend not to like it and blame your erection on adrenaline and fear!

Nah my adrenaline there would be from the pure pleasure i would be taking out of it O_O muahahaha

That’s probably the most truthful thing you’ve said since coming here.

Is this what you guys are talking about? if so this is hilarious

This my friend is the one who’s name we dare not speak but we just call him King Genie for short.

What in the fuck is wrong with you Sunas? I mean seriously you are one fucked up cat. You keep polluting the forum with post after post of ridiculous bullshit. I haven’t learned one single thing from you! I hope that spirit that’s possessing you leads you into the middle of a major highway and hurls you in front of a semi! Now go away!

Might I suggest sunas look at the …ahem…Fluffcatz post to see just how foolish one can be taken here on this forum. My personal experience with BALG forum and members such as Z555, TWF, defectron, waltyrs, Sinata (just to name a few) is that we are people that are very SERIOUS about this forum and our Work however we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Their is a difference.

I have a feeling Sunas may have taken up perminent residence in Davie Jones Locker by now, but I suppose we can give it a little longer to see if he turns up again.

I don’t think he is there yet…probably licking his wounds after seeing what the entity disclosed to you…that’s my guess…

What wounds O_o
Whatever she disclosed i saw it.
I also saw who visitted me.
And what about actually posting some inspiring sentences ?