Nezath sphere for love,

In a nutshell. Have u guys use nezath sphere, for love, sex,? If yes how praying invoquin angels or just a seal. Im curios bcse a book i read has long prays to angels and demons of the abysmm to make it happen find love. Just wonder, its a few cabala books but talk to much. And its a few vwry popular tat repeat somebody else, somebody else i did my homework. But i will like to hear experience, plz tru carl nagel public a book. Back in the Day it has seals and a chant basic. Not full ceremony. Thanks.

Do you mean Netzach?

It’s a Netzach Sphere:

“The sphere of NETZACH contains all instincts, raw emotions and feelings. This is the realm of Venus-Aphrodite who is not a fertility goddess but one of pure emotion and feeling. This sphere is force without physicality - pure creative energy. Netzach is music, poetry, art, all things which in their pure expression appeal to our feeling nature and touch our emotions. This is the energy of Nature herself.”


I’ve never used one.


Netzach means Victory, and its qlipha, A’arab Zaraq, is about battles. The God name of Netzach is Jehova Tseva’oth, which means Jehova Lord of Hosts, thus referencing the battles. It is also a sephira that represents faith, with Hod representing reason, united by the path of The Tower. It is also a sexual sephira and shares some of its flaws with the path of The Empress

Exactly but tru im not fluent in either language, i get it tat tis sphere can be use a love spell knwing the invocations, but chesed and binah are also link by love. But nezath seemsore cleary sex, and bind. Using bith angels and demons name, i juat need someone to clarify bfre mistakes.