Next step for me

So i believe it was about 2 months tops since i stumbled over BALG and this forum and so far it has inspired me and taken me farther in practical use then the last 17 years done wich has as i said in my presentation been more armchair occultism more then anything else.
Today i recived my copy of BMOA, last week i recived the anthology of sorcery anniversary edition.
And as i said in another thread im the kind of guy that likes the “theatrical” as described in one of konstantinos books that i read years ago.
The workings so far is basic and im trying to follow my instinct as much as i can.
Ideas i get from the forum here is great im here daily multiple times to see whats happening, searching old threads to get ideas on different works and things that might appeal to me.
I wanna work on skills untill i feel i got them down so now in the begining that means working on myself via meditation and im trying different ones from this forum and from other sources that i might come across.
I did fairly early after joining this forum started to buy or make tools that i feelt i needed or wanted.
So for instance a portable magic cirkel have been made, daggrs bought and incense and more.
Pretty early i feel i would try for an evocation for guiding ad assisstance. Beeing that i feelt my basic skills neede more work that was a big step and one i thought might be to early in that i might not percive the actual connection and result and hence believe the outcome didnt happen.
But i desided to jump in the deep end of the pool and stay open for the result and trust myself.
I decided to work with Paimon due to succes storys here on the forum and the general helpfull attitude thats attributed to him.
During the work i did feel a presens there and im sure it was paimon even thou i couldnt hear or see him. I stated me request which basicly was assisstance in learning new technical skills (im studying enginering at this time) and help me with ways to assist with the studying and learning process. I also asked for financial help that extra money could come me way to help me in my spiritual work.
The studying is up to me to still do it and im still waiting a little to see the benefits there but that is one way where my own responsebility plays a big roll.
On the financial side i have worked hard this summer and expected money to come my way but i have in some cases earned more then i expected today aswell i did notice that from the last work i did. No fortune but enough for me to invest in one more thing from the BALG site.
So what would you recommend me?
The things that got my attention after Anthology and BMOA are The Lucifer Chronicles, The complete qliphotic magic and Black magic initiation pathworking.


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Awesome to read, and I hope you get some great recommendations! :thumbsup:

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