Nexion Questions and comments

Hello everybody who’s reading this. I hope today finds you well.

I wanted to ask a few questions about the Nexion of Infernal Power. While I’d appreciate if Kurtis Joseph himself would like to weigh in, by no means am I arrogant enough to ignore anybody else who would like to help out. I simply asked here because it seemed the most logical place for Path of Smoke related business.

It’s been a bit of a journey, but by this Saturday I will have preformed the Ignition of the Black Sun for the 32nd time. Initially I had planned to look into building a Nexion once the 40 days had passed, but things have come together far faster then I really anticipated. I wasn’t able to find any places struck by lightning, but I was able to find several grams of fulgurite (energy felt like it was sizzling to touch them) which I’ve ground into powder. I also had a human bone (flange) that I ground down as well, it was a leftover relic from another path I had been working with years ago. The bone itself was blooded forever ago and had a significant bit of energy to contribute. The act of grinding it down certainly felt more like a Transgression… as does the feelings that arise when I contemplate the Sacrifice to be made.
I’ve had grave dirt in a jar stored for some time as well. Unfortunately the Urn itself is likely going to be a Wal-Mart special (red-black) painted fully black.

That does lead me into a few of the questions I have. At the risk of overthinking somewhat, and being interested in being prepared for eventuality, I have some questions about the Nexion and Flame that will be upon it.

If one decided to replace the Urn itself for either aesthetic purposes or practical necessity, would a new serpent be needed and the entire ritual be redone?
Would it be disruptive to the energies collected if one were to “re-pot” the entirety?

If there comes a time when the Zanda wouldn’t be able to remain home (holiday, jury duty, ect) would there be a recommended way to extend the life of the Flame? I did see that a smaller candle with a smaller Urn could be arranged, but has anyone tried to do the opposite for perhaps a month long candle (or as long as is reasonable) for when they wouldn’t be able to tend to it weekly?
If one were delayed unavoidably and upon returning home the candle had gone out, would a new serpent be required or would simply relighting and preforming the Activation of the Blackened Fire be enough? Has anyone experienced any effects from having the candle burn out unexpectedly?
The other questions about the candle and flame itself should be answered by the above, as they’re fairly similar/related scenarios.

I do plan on studying a bit of python anatomy to ensure that I strike as true as possible, but I Would appreciate any additional input towards ensuring minimal pain/suffering for said sacrifice. She’s rather beautiful, in her own shy way.

As I was looking into options for a serpent, from nothing suddenly there were many adverts (Kijiji, Canadian craigslist essentially) of people moving and needing to re-home or similar. The ball python I ended up with had originally been sold out from under me. The seller was in a peculiar hurry to have her gone and originally told me she was already sold that day. Apparently the buyer didn’t show, so here she is. I’ve re-named her Destiny for that reason, besides the idea that Cardi B didn’t strike me as a suitable name (original owner’s choice).

There have been a few signs that this is meant to happen. The materials gathered fast, Destiny came to me when she was meant to go to another, and I’ve been having interesting “sights/visions” as well. Occasionally before or after the Ignition, I would see odd moving shapes on the walls (bedroom temple, no other choice) that didn’t belong. I would also feel sensations as if insects were crawling on me. Last week I had a very clear vision, I was looking into a mirror and there was a extremely clear and detailed vision of insects upon me. A black cricket (wood chipper colloquially here) on my left eyebrow, a pill bug crawling down my cheek, and a centipede making its way into my left nostril. Since then I’ve also seen “pulses” of light, almost like orbs, adhering to surfaces and moving quickly. Sometimes several following each other in succession. Occasionally if in the dark, or simply less light, I’ll notice odd amorphous shapes (usually about the size of a head, or smaller) moving around me as well.
I’ve also noticed an almost… Steam or Smoke like effect rising from my energy body, often after Peering into Drugaskan but more and more as a constant. The moment I realized things were falling into place easily, I also had a moment of cold clarity as if a spotlight was shone upon me. Having corrected an issue with my right scapula (shoulder blade in laymen terms) my energy flow has drastically increased. I went from having a sense of lowered body temperature to practically burning constantly.

I admit to feeling a mix of anticipation and trepidation regarding the ritual. Animal sacrifice hasn’t been a part of my working before and I’m uncertain how I feel about it.
As well, I felt I should mention that even though I wouldn’t be to the full 40 days recommended (saw in this forum) I do believe that I will be ready by this weekend. I have participated in a lot of interesting things lately and my aura has become quite dense as a result. I was a part of the Black Sun Covenant, participated in the Blood Moon ritual with the eye of Shemyaza, and have had a Rite of Deification preformed by JS Garrett a month ago (Quite an experience!).
At this point I feel as if things are in a heady conflux and the closer the moment becomes the more the feelings grow.

I look forwards to Properly joining the ranks of Zanda and growing more into the Path of Smoke.

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I understand now. I was being naive and foolish. No more.

Thank you.

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