(Newsletter) Archangel Michael Attacks Violent Witch Coven

With all of that being said, there may be some potential drawbacks to working with angels rather than with other types of spirits. The reason for this is that even though angels, like all spirits, are simply currents of specific power or energy, they are also conscious and intelligent, and they are entirely bound up in the Judeo-Christian paradigm, and they've been created basically as egregores serving that system, which can present certain challenges.

When working with angels, often they think that they know better than us, that they will protect us from ourselves, shielding us from our own greed, rage, and lust. In general, angels assume that they have bigger plans than you or I could imagine, so we’d better listen to them.

I’m sorry, but that’s simply not good enough for me.

Maybe they do know better, maybe not.

Do Archangels become offended if the magician breaks its seal and banishes its presence ? If one does not follow the Judeo-Christian paradigm,
why will Angels cooperate with the magician?

The magician may even practice vampirism and other “diabolical” arts.
Will the Angel ignore this?

Obviously not.

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i[quote=“E.A., post:2, topic:1704”]Obviously not. [/quote]
Is there a way for a black magician to work around this and get the cooperation of Angels?

Was that a response to breaking the seals or using magic to do baad stuff? Well you’ve broken their seals during the gatekeeper rituals and you have also used magic to do bad stuff on occasion, so I’m guessing youre saying that from experience. But you still work with the angels sometimes, so what exactly happened with all this?

To my knowledge I have only had an angel interfere with my operations once. And it was when I was severely screwing with the natural order of things. I was in a state of near perfect possession. It was literally the most powerful I have ever felt but it was stripped away. I think for them to interfere with your will takes some serious orders from the power that be.

Obviously, you’re not going to be ousted from ever calling on angels and getting their cooperation because of other things that you’ve done.

When you perform the evocation in your own name, in the name of the One True Living God, the angels will see you that way, and will obey. They will look into the Circle and see the radiant form of their Creator.


[quote=“E.A., post:6, topic:1704”]Obviously, you’re not going to be ousted from ever calling on angels and getting their cooperation because of other things that you’ve done.

When you perform the evocation in your own name, in the name of the One True Living God, the angels will see you that way, and will obey. They will look into the Circle and see the radiant form of their Creator.[/quote]

Ah, that is like saying that such entities cannot see through the ‘illusion’ or temporary state in which one may take on. Which I somehow question that they can indeed see through such things unless they are somehow… I’m not sure what the word for it is.

I don’t think that angels are stuck in the judeo christian paradigm in the way that is often portrayed. They see us as God. But the average person doesn’t see themselves that way and those are the ones that they end up playing parent to for lack of a better term at the moment.

What they do isn’t all that different than what demons do when they put the operator into a certain situation to gain an experience and learn something. Micheal was the one that ended up showing me the “source” towards the end of my workings within the angelic current. When I walked away from them I had this notion that there was no turning back. I had seen what God was and now sought to use it in a practical manner and that’s what led me in a darker path and I think that’s what they had intended for me all along. They whittle away at our imperfections until we embody the being in our everyday life that they see in ritual.

I’m still hashing out everything up to this conclusion but really if it wasn’t for the Archangels I probably wouldn’t even be on this forum. What Micheal showed me was an almost identical experience to what EA describes in Ipssissimus as Sat Nam. If it weren’t for me having that experience I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to accept what EA had to offer and would’ve washed my hands of magick ages ago. I was going to wait until after the mastering soul travel course to start working on it, but I think I’m gonna begin writing out my experiences working with angels now and submit it for review to be published by BALG because I do feel it was a rather unique pathworking and I never understood how much it really affected me until I came here.

E. A. I really loved this last newsletter as it clarifies a lot of Light Beings powers and nature.

One question those witches could break that counter coursing by themselves or theyd be assisted by anither magician? Or pray to the Silent Once to break it?

Kitari eager to read it

This sounds like a subtle difference in the paradigm–
not “A Living God” – but here it sounds like one has become The (One and Only) Living God – The Creator of All.

As I Soul Traveled through the manifold states of being, I found myself in the first Abyss. When I finally called out for help, it was St. John the Beloved, also known as John the Divine, who came to my salvation. Does this mean that St. John has attained the state of Bodhisattva? Maybe. More likely, I summoned the essence of Ascent and of salvation, and that materialized for me in the image of Saint John.

We have to make sure that we’re not confusing the tool with the end goal that the tool can help us achieve.

Buddhism tended to point out the existence of the ‘absolute reality’ to which the ‘relative reality’ was pressed over. We each are experiencing the facets of this ‘relative reality’ for ourselves. Thus what occurs, happens by their corresponding conditions.

I haven’t had a chance to do/experience/understand some of the things that others here have so far (which is the present state that I have). But I hope with the right effort, I can do so.

E.A. , may I ask if all the manifestations that you have encountered have taken symbolic forms of concepts/awareness that your western cultural upbringing would show? Or have there been instances where it just does not go with that flow?

It’s about an 80/20 split. 80 percent of the time, the materializations and manifestations appear in a way that I can comprehend with my western mind, pulling from the sorts of forms that I’m used to, speaking in language that I’m used to, etc.

20 percent of the time, it’s completely alien. The entity doesn’t appear to be anything even close to human… or even close to a “form,” and speaks in obscure languages that I don’t know, or speaks in something that cannot be language as we think of it, but the meanings behind them are conveyed telepathically.

This doesn’t count when the experience is incomprehensible to the conscious min


I’m going thru this as well it’s really really bad. I’m about to just turn to vamparism or remove my chakras so it won’t kill me. I know who sent it as well.