Newly Left Handed, and Left Hand Path

I am wondering if it’s normal for a person to switch to the Left Hand Path, after not being Right Handed anymore? Over 5 years or so, I been training my Left Hand, to do, what my Right Hand used to do, even using Left handed tools now.

Have any of you switched to your Left Hand, as your dominate Hand, because you are on LHP ??


No, im ambidextrous so ive never worried about that. I havent heard anything like that either, which hand you use is largely a psychological and hereditary thing.


You do know Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path have absolutely nothing to do with your actual hands, right?

The name is derived from the fact that back in the time of Christianity, left handed people were seen as evil, and children of the devil, because they were different from the norm. In fact, the term for left handedness is called sinisterality.

Your dominant hand means nothing.


Yep, I thought so, it was just a thought of mine.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: whew… best giggle all day.

Yeah, I was born left handed but my grade one teacher was super traditional and made me use my right hand for writing. Now, my dominant side for everything else in my life (like sports, archery, and shooting) is my left side, but I write with my right hand.