Newest Video A Brief Discussion On Soul Travel

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Thank you. Will watch


5:36 that… the one time i managed to leave my body into the etheric realm (willingly and conscientiously) i was floating close to my bed when i noticed this small can with some liquid in it (from which i thought was water) in the floor close to my bed (there’s no cans close to my bed) then for some stupid reason i decided to dip my little (etherical) toe in the liquid… then i felt this huge pain in my toe and rushed back into my body… to find out the pain was still in my toe (the physical toe now). it lingered there for like half hour. I can only describe the pain as if i had stuck my little toe in acid. It felt like it was melting…
I’ve NO IDEA what this experience was or why it happened.

I enjoyed the video and look forward to more.

Sounds like a physical projection and something was on the energetic layer of your room that wasn’t on the physical.

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What great video and a topic very special to me. Thanks for sharing :grin:

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Yes, I was hoping you would touch this topic. Thanks, I really like your videos , explanations are great…

Loved your video Kendall. I will keep practicing.