Newcomer Incoming

Greetings everyone. Just as the title sugests, i am a newcomer not only to this forum, but also to the world of Magick and of the Occult in general. I always wondered about what the true nature of our reality is, and i intend to figure that out as i pursue more knowlege in the esoteric and spiritual paths. As i stated, i am a total newbie to all of this, and would like the help of everyone in order to perfect myself. If you could also reccomend me a few books so i could get familiar with all the concepts i would also really apreciate. I hope we find out many things together!


Welcome to the forum.

Do you have an experience in magick at all, or are you a complete beginner/?

Thank you. I have no experience at all, so this is all very new to me.

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My biggest suggestion is do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the metric ton of info on these forums. Oh and welcome.

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Much apreciated. I have already started reading Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics. I’ll begin my studies and thanks for the advice.

The best things you can start out doing is practicing your meditation and making a habit of it, and really do it as often as you can, remember its better to be consistent then do a lot at once. Trust me I wish I had been told to meditate regularly when I started.


Amen to that, i am still trying to perfect meditation.


Welcome hun’’. Glad to have you, @Florry is right, regular & dedicated meditation practice is good. Start out slow, simple, nothing too advanced, just basic stuff.
I need to be more disciplined in my meditation, I’m a slob.

I do find that, in the morning, not long after you wake up is best. Your brain is still in all the right conditions, just wake up enough that you won’t fall back asleep & try to do it with your eyes open (half way). This helps keep you grounded.

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