Hello everyone I’m new on here. I’m trying to learn how to work with Lucifer


Hey, Cynthia, welcome to the forum.

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Hey Cynthia! How long have you been practicing magick and what sort of an occult background do you have? <—typical stuff meant to be answered by your intro

In regards to Lucifer, he is amazing and one of the first demonics I contacted when I started. Have you tried any methods to reach Lucifer so far?


Hi Cynthia, great having you here :wave::relaxed: Welcome to the forum

Thank you very much, it’s still a little difficult learning how to do stuff on here. Hru?

I’ve been practicing magic for a while. I haven’t dipped into the occult yet I really don’t know how to start but I’ve been drawn to lillith and Lucifer. I want to know how to reach them. Like I said I’m a newbie lol🤦🏽‍♀️

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Thank you

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Welcome Cynthia, the most beginner-friendly way to work with Lucifer is pathworking.
The books I recommend are:

  • Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose
  • Rites of Lucifer by Asenath Mason
  • Bible of the Adversary by Michael Ford

I believe you can find your way from here, best of luck :zap:


Thank you Zohak, I really appreciate it.

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The best days to summon or invoke Lucifer are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, because the first day is proposed by the Grimoire of Pope Honorius, Mercury is perhaps the main planet of this entity and Venus would be the morning star identified with Lucifer in the Bible.
Similarly, the best hours would be the ones of those planets, in each of the corresponding days. Divide the period between dawn and sunset in 12 parts and you’ll find the magical hours of the day. The same for sunset till dawn: magical hours of the night. But all this isn’t actually required.
Lucifer’s rank is emperor, his element is air and the direction is east. According to E.A. Koetting he would also be Satolas and Amaymon (or at least these entities are different aspects of the others).

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This doesn’t make any sense. If you have been practicing magick “for a while,” then you are already in the occult. All the word means is hidden.

What magick have you been “practicing for a while?” You haven’t really told us anything about what your actual experience is.