Newbie wanting to work with Lilith

I’m new to the LHP and have been doing my research, especially on this forum about Lilith and evocation, etc.
I would like to work with her for Shadow Work. I’ve been reading she’s the best one for that purpose.
I’ve also read she doesn’t like working with beginners.
How does one start a relationship with her? What’s the best way?
Is there someone else to work with for beginners?
I’ve read to begin on your path you have to “know thyself” and I feel as if I don’t know who I am anymore… so should I work on that before trying to work with Lilith? or attempt anything for that matter?
I apologize for any redundant repetitive questions.
I would like to have your insight and share any experiences.
Thank you!

Lilith is considered an initiator and her lessons could be too harsh for someone who is beginning on the path.

I would suggest you start off with Astaroth as she is best for beginners and understanding.

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It’s possible to choose a black pebble/stone or a female statuette (a warrior, a vampire…) as Lilith’s representation. I believe her cardinal point is West. On Youtube there are some videos with her sigil and enn, which may help attune with this spirit; or instead call on her as a mother goddess, a Moon deity etc.

Strange this should pop up i just uploaded a guide meditation which I believe would be great for a connection with Lilith, check it out.

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Lilith is awesome for beginners, yes she can be harsh at times if you dont pay attention. She and a few others helped me with my shadow work. She will mother you, bestfriend you, and if she really adores you she will do other things also but that’s for you and hers relationship. She saved my life. The others will follow you wont even have to evoke any other. They will see you build your relationship with her and if it blossoms they will want to help you also. May my Mother bless you on your Journey. A wise French friend once told me take one step at a time.

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Thank you and subscribed!

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Thank you!

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Thank you. I will do more research on Astaroth.


Can you start any type of contact without having to use your altar space?
I’m in the process of moving and my altar/sacred place is in shambles at the moment. Or, should I wait until I have everything setup again?

I didn’t see anyone suggest it, but you might try Namaah and work your way up to Lilith.

Namaah is also known as “the younger Lilith”

Thank you!