Newbie wanting to work with Lilith

I’m new to the LHP and have been doing my research, especially on this forum about Lilith and evocation, etc.
I would like to work with her for Shadow Work. I’ve been reading she’s the best one for that purpose.
I’ve also read she doesn’t like working with beginners.
How does one start a relationship with her? What’s the best way?
Is there someone else to work with for beginners?
I’ve read to begin on your path you have to “know thyself” and I feel as if I don’t know who I am anymore… so should I work on that before trying to work with Lilith? or attempt anything for that matter?
I apologize for any redundant repetitive questions.
I would like to have your insight and share any experiences.
Thank you!

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Lilith is considered an initiator and her lessons could be too harsh for someone who is beginning on the path.

I would suggest you start off with Astaroth as she is best for beginners and understanding.


It’s possible to choose a black pebble/stone or a female statuette (a warrior, a vampire…) as Lilith’s representation. I believe her cardinal point is West. On Youtube there are some videos with her sigil and enn, which may help attune with this spirit; or instead call on her as a mother goddess, a Moon deity etc.

Strange this should pop up i just uploaded a guide meditation which I believe would be great for a connection with Lilith, check it out.

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Lilith is awesome for beginners, yes she can be harsh at times if you dont pay attention. She and a few others helped me with my shadow work. She will mother you, bestfriend you, and if she really adores you she will do other things also but that’s for you and hers relationship. She saved my life. The others will follow you wont even have to evoke any other. They will see you build your relationship with her and if it blossoms they will want to help you also. May my Mother bless you on your Journey. A wise French friend once told me take one step at a time.


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Thank you!

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Thank you. I will do more research on Astaroth.


Can you start any type of contact without having to use your altar space?
I’m in the process of moving and my altar/sacred place is in shambles at the moment. Or, should I wait until I have everything setup again?

I didn’t see anyone suggest it, but you might try Namaah and work your way up to Lilith.

Namaah is also known as “the younger Lilith”

Thank you!

It’s my first time attempting to communicate with Lilith and I’m getting the same feeling that her words (and attitude?) can be harsh. Initially I didn’t understand why she was around with me but ‘scolding’ me every time I do things. However, she protected me when the lower frequencies wanted to absorb my energy. I’m glad that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

I haven’t pact with Lilith yet because I’m still trying to get used to her. Just sharing, she told me not to waste her time if I’m not fully into darkness (i’m quite fickle minded), but she still be around me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

For suggestion, you may want to have a feel of her first before deciding to work with it, like making up your mind like this is what you want. She taught me quite a number of stuff and she is awesome.

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What I’m doing is I start with golden dawn magick and make my way to her from there.

Okay, thank you. I really want to get started with my shadow work first before anything. Do you have any suggestions?

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If you are asking me, I would either have a discussion with my Spirits or have my instinct to guide me (E.g. showing you things that interest you). They will pick the book for me to read or suggest ideas for me to do. I’ll ask myself/spirits to show me what I should be doing and they will pop ideas in my head then I’ll just follow it. Most of the time, they would show me fun things to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel you can always start with your own Higher Spirit because it should know you the best.

Not true. She was the first spirit I worked with, and I still maintain an relationship with her. If your willing to put in effort, then I see no issue. Alot of people seem to think she doesn’t like working with beginner’s I noticed, maybe it’s the beginners that fear or misunderstand her.

Im hesitant to recommend either working with her or not working with her.
Reason being that I do agree that she can be harsh (and that might turn a beginner off) but at the same time I think if youre brutally honest to yourself and to her then you could be fine.

In any case the first thought I had when reading this was to suggest that you could say a prayer to Lilith (once or multiple times, whatever feels more natural to you) and ask her to give a sign. Either on if you should start working with her, or ask her to point you in the direction of resources which help you develop to a point at which you can work with her.

In any case go with what feels right to you, as a beginner being too fearful can be a problem so if you are genuinely afraid of her then you might want to see where that fear stems from and work on it before diving in. If on the other hand you dont feel any fear, jumping right in might be the move.
Try to trust yourself, but I know as a beginner thats easier said than done.