Newbie to the forum, oldie to the left hand path

Hmm… where to begin. I am a devote follower of Lucifer’s teachings as a liberator of mankind.

Some of the distinctions when it comes to my personal conclusions are:

  • I believe that Lucifer is a living and intelligent entity, powerful beyond our conception.
  • I believe that God represented as a benevolent creator is no longer an active force within our perceivable universe.
  • I do not know nor care if God is gone, dead, sleeping, ect. My main point of focus is functional application of Theistic Luciferianism.
  • I have no personal disposition when it comes to the sheep god or it’s following. I am not threatened or bothered by their practice.
  • Satan is a boogie man, used both to frighten followers of Abrahamic faiths and to demoralize those like me who have dedicated their lives to knowledge and liberation.
  • 666, upside down crosses, and similar anti-Christian symbols are awesome BUT they have no real power other than the caster’s intention.

—I am here to share my personal experiences, strength, and enourage others—

***I also love historical discrepancies, I guess the Devil is in the details they might say :slight_smile: ***

Open and receptive to other’s beliefs and experiences/conviction is key/research is power/application manifests wisdom


Thanks for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t be happier to find a community that shares similar aspirations and beliefs. Many sticks do not break so easily.

This is the shit I live for.


Welcome. :+1:

Your introduction is like a perfect statement of my own (current :joy:) beliefs.
I started out reading all I could and following LaVey satanism. Soon realised that most, without realising it, are still firmly caught in the dogma they’re trying to rebel against. The non theism didn’t resonate with me either.

Hope to hear a lot more from you. :blush:

Damn, I couldn’t have said it better myself haha. I wouldn’t write off every church of Satan member as non-theistic though. Some of them are highly attuned practicing theists like ourselves.

I think the purpose of these foundations is to provide a public forum for people like us to meet in person without suspicion- sorry to blow your cover guys and gals -and to also promote a positive public image.

Also these things tend to serve a dual purpose, as the HIGHLY logical/analytical personalities attracted to the message are exactly the people we need alongside us on the path.

As above, so below

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Welcome :). I hope you will feel good here.

Really love your introduction! And can’t wait to read more of your posts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome, Brother.

Welcome to the forum.