Newbie: Made my first attempts - need your feedback and inputs

Hi All,

This is the first time i did anything around magik. I have a post that i had written about what happened with Sallos. Based on advice from shinri( Today i made an attempt to invoke Paimon.
With Sallos, the flame flickered a lot and it happened rather fast and continued to flicker all the while. With Paimon it took me a lot time and continuous chanting for the flame to start flickering. I have made the same request to the both of them (minor variation but same objective). I understand one is more into influence and there for love.
Its regarding an ex who loves me but has other priorities which are more important.
I gave the same offering - which i will fulfill if my request comes through.
Now should i repeat my actions and ask the spirits again or should i just leave it (its the 1st and i am not even sure i did it right or if i made the right offering and request). So i feel i can do it again like once a week or so.
With respect to offering should i be having something for them every time in invoke? or how does it work.
I am nit sure what to offer Paimon so i offered him wine - is something else better?

Now what signs i should look for to know if the spirits are working to help me or not? is there something i should/can do or should be doing?

Help me out as i am new i have a million questions



They are always there my friend. Believe

Yea don’t question if you evoked them or not. You feel them being there if you listen and be perfectly still. I usually feel the difference in the temperature, with Paimon I felt a very light breeze and even chills multiple times though no windows were open in my house.

I use sigils and candles to evoke them, saying their chant and listening to binaural music. I also like to put some incense burning, it helps me get into the mood. I don’t usually offer them anything in the beginning except my time and devotion, have conversations to get to know them.

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So what your saying is i can invoke them and just have a chat and nothing else. If i understand correct i wont have to have an ask for them every time.

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Hello again, now it’s likely best for you to just ease up and let go of the magick. Repetition can sometimes be helpful, especially if you’re not sure you got it right, but it can also make you think that your magick is weak or not working. You’d be surprised how well rather sloppy magick can work, so don’t worry about the little details.

The spirits most definitely have heard you and your requests. They are working on the situation now, so make sure that you don’t get in the way of your own magick. You may want to read this article on Lust for Result.

Trust in the spirits, and trust in your magick. If you find yourself worrying, just remember the feeling that you had at the end of the rituals, the feeling of relief, power, satisfaction, gratitude, however you felt is fine. Then, put the magick out-of-mind and get on with your day. Try to distract yourself with something mundane, like working, eating, or singing.