Newbie intro

Hello everyone. I am new to the LHP. I have actually slowly progressed here from the RHP in my teens and twenties and the start of my 30s. The positivity you need I just can’t maintain. I am not always positive. Life is not always positive. I started feeling like I was constantly lying to myself. Then I was introduced to shadow work. It just made so much sense. Then I researched further, it snowballed from there and now here I am.


What areas of magick do you practice?

Mostly healing, manifesting, and minor energy work. I’ve done scrying and love tarot. I will be new to ceremonial magick. I was always afraid of messing with too much because, you know, karma. So my experience is very little due to past paranoias.

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Thank you for expanding a bit upon what you practice, and again, welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile: