Newbie from Cyprus

Hello all,

My name is Rafael and I am from Cyprus.
I have had many supernatural encounters with spirits.
When I was a child at the age of 7 I got seduced when i was awake by the goddess lilith, after that i was sensitive to the sun and would get heavy burning sensations whenever i would enter a church or wear a cross. I see visions before i sleep and after waking up.
I used to be a greek pagan but betrayed them. After this betrayal i got cursed by them to stink like someone i know who has caused me harm. I used to speak to them and made oaths to go to the underworld. Now i am using a magical soap from nigeria called arobi to heal my body from the smell that i am cursed with.
Believe it or not, in my previous life i came from the tall white royal family and was a prince who destroyed a planet according to what zeus showed me. When i was 4 years old my mother got raped by zeus and i witnessed the whole thing. I came here to meet people and learn and hopefully be of some use.

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