Newbie Faux Pas

I’ve noticed a great deal of people having to be “rescued” because they failed to do one simple thing. Maybe they failed from sheer ignorance of it, or just failed to actually DO it:

:point_right: Shielding :point_left:

IMHO, nobody, and I mean NO.BODY…has any business conducting business in LHP, RHP or ANY path without shielding first. It’s a DAILY thing.

Secondly…lack of:
:point_right:respect :point_left:

Lack of respect for what they’re working with and what that path/god is capable OF.

Next…avoiding mastery of the:
:point_right:void :point_left:
People go insane on the path because of their lack of mastery at Void. Confusing your own thoughts with “astral attacks” or “Revelations”,“talking with the Gods’” are more common than one might think. These people are so desperate for a spiritual experience, they just go with whatever their subconscious blurted out at that moment. Never forget! until the mastery of the Void, human brain ALWAYS works against its master. This is the BIGGEST pitfall of the path, overlooking the void is something that is extremely common and fatal in the long run.

For you newbies wondering about these topics, the magical magnifying glass at the top is a link to literally dozens of topics on HOW/WHY/WHAT.




Well spoken.

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My shielding be like


Just wanted to say thank you for this post. I can jump into things without too much thought. I try to focus on protecting myself, but do realise it’s something I need to gain greater skill in. Your post came at a good time for me.


You’re very welcome. While I don’t mind rescuing from time to time, I just think it’s good safety steps people really cannot forget or not learn. I want people to be safe and to have good experiences.


I didn’t know about any of this so think you :joy:


Youre welcome


Lol. Perfection :ok_hand:

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Good post.

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  • Shielding

    • A relatively new phenomenon has been around less than 100 years, very popular in the theosophical movements along with the advent of “aura science”.
      Before “shielding” people did banishing or cleansing like the LBRP or sage smudging like the native american.
      Most people practicing magic in the last few thousand years never had a concept like shielding, they had a magical circle that protected them and they did banishings or they wore amulets that had the name of spirits inscribed on them going back all the way to the PGM. You’ll never find an egyptian initiated into the priesthood of Ra saying “Oh no I forgot my shielding!”
  • Respect

    • Also a new practice within the last several decade, even going all the way back to the Greek Magical Papyri you’ll find the the instructions telling the operator to treat the pagan deities with threat of force just as much as a renaissance magician with demon. (if not more so)
  • Void (IMHO)

    • A completely empty space.
      “the black void of space”
      synonyms: vacuum, emptiness, nothingness, nullity, blankness, vacuity

    • This idea of the “all consuming” and “infinite potential” of the void came about when the magical community accepted the ideas of mainstream science, ideas such as black holes, event horizons, singularity’s, dark matter & energy etc.

    • Einstein got mainstream science to accept the idea that space was something that could be acted upon, rather than its original meaning as being absence, nothingness, a privation, eventually this led to Ad Hoc theories of dark matter, black holes etc based on this bad foundation of space-time.

And magicians (mostly LHP) have latched onto these ideas because of their inherent mystery and confirmation bias of everything being blacker than the blackest black times infinity, whatever’s good is bad and whatever’s bad is good mentality Hail demons :grin::metal:

Just sayin.

Here are my tips for people just starting out.

  1. The Law of Knowledge
  • The Law of Knowledge is perhaps one of the most obvious, as it holds that the more a person knows about himself, the world, and the supernatural hierarchies, the more effective he will be as a magician. The magician is required to know himself, so that he truly knows his limitations, strengths, and weaknesses; likewise he must know as much as he can about the world around him and the spiritual hierarchies, so that he may better interact with them.

in other words :Read Read Read and read some more.

  1. Stick With It.

    • If you don’t find yourself working out of a grimoire six months down the line, Drop It and find a different one that you will fully commit to. Rome wasn’t built in a day these things take time to master people tend to skip the initiation and jump head first into evocation, and is it any wonder why they fail to manifest a spirit? Yes this means meditation for long periods of time, mental, physical and spiritual training. And if you find that kind of stuff boring then magic may not be your cup of tea.

(Side note) : Don’t be a Sumerian priest one day and a Egyptian priest the next.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was destroyed overnight.

    • Beware of wholesale magic and its tantalizing promises of power, wealth and other earthly pleasures, wholesale magic follows the give a man a fish instead of teach a man to fish, they skip over the so called “Dogmatic” initiation process claiming its frivolous what with its robes, circles, wands and what not. but let it be known that NO serious magical systems as ever denied the importance of initiation and ritual implements, not the Greeks not the Romans nor the Egyptians.
      Infact take away those two things and all you’re left with is witchcraft and shamanism with out any of the psychedelics.

Take your time, Read, Get Initiated, Practice fervently and build your Rome.

Pro tip - Stick to the classics.


The reason they weren’t used is BECAUSE of classical practices. Now that they’re veering away from fear of the unknown, these measures ARE necessary. You can stick to circles and bind gods but I do not and will not. Nor will I regression to antiquated ways that served nobody but the humans.


And you’re not the one rescuing young practitioners, either.

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Furthermore, I don’t shield against the gods. It’s other entities and unethical bastard humans that most concern. And void mastery keeps people sane…New concept…valid concept. And respect…should’ve been in place long ago!




To be very honest, it’s hardly new. It’s called self control and mental mastery. Controlling your thoughts or lack of them. Mastering the self. When you say void mastery, it gives off a different idea.


Fine, stay in the dark ages, oppressing gods and teaching today’s youth the gross disrespect that runs rampant along with encouraging activities that indulge their propensity for self destruction because they jump in head first without knowing their ass from a hole in the wall. That’s not leadership, that’s malign neglect. Go make your own thread about it then.

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I’m not the one who called it new.

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But tools are far from required. This is a known and established fact. We give the tools power. Even Carlos Castaneda covered this.

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Your quote said new concept.

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I was loosely quoting him.

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