Newbie: daemon for protection against necromancers

Hi all, newbie here. I believe I’ve already intro’d myself a few months back, but I’ll reintroduce again. I’m new to this, the only small training I’ve had is with working with Orishas. I was scratched in Palo Mayombe, received elekes, warriors, and crowned in Ocha as well as initiated in Ifa. That was 12 years ago and not until recently began seriously working with a new padrino in Ifa. My old god parents taught me nothing, except never trust anyone in spiritual systems that are using it for business. During my year of initiation they lied, told me I wasn’t supposed to be taught until the year was over. The lied about everything. I was with thier house for years but was so green I didn’t see the red flags. To make a long story short and not about just bad mouthing them, they took my retirement money, fucked up my initiation ceremony, and left me without the necessary parts to complete the ceremony. Ok fine, lesson learned.
But they are extremely proficient at Palo and have been working me over with necromancy for over 10 years, and I’ve watched my life slowly drain away from me on every level. Financially, health wise, emotionally, and career wise. They knew me so well they know where and how to hit me, having my hair and my blood. Nobody, even my current padrino is willing to take this on. Nobody does ANYTHING in this religion without payment. Finances gone. My padrino gives me the pat answer of: not everything is because of brujeria. He’s right. But this is, and I know it. My life events around this are extraordinary. Nobody has had this type of prolonged “bad luck.” So what I’m interested in, is what goetic demon can a newcomer work with who has no experience, that will protect me from what I’m dealing with? I don’t want reversing spells, I don’t want to get into a spiritual war with people who far outweigh me. My life force has dwindled so low I need to fight back somehow. I need big help from a badass spiritually but I don’t want to get chewed up in the process. King Paimon has really caught my attention and his thought comforts me. I just want it to stop. I’ve been suffering too long.
If anyone can offer me any advice of where to start I will take it to heart and study everything I need to know. I’m ready, I need guidance. I would never step outside of my own spiritual program or out of my padrinos realm, but this has to stop.
I apologize for sounding like a complainer, but I’m fighting for my life and at my wits end.
Many thanks ahead to those who will “listen.”

Wow this is a tough one, things I’m podering:

If he is not concerned, and it’s he who is responsible for your spiritual
welfare, why are you?

This does not feel like necromancy, If someone wanted to use the dead to kill you, you would have been extinguished a long time ago.

Routines are how they know you and where to strike, switch up the routine, change job, or the way you drive to work, make dinner 6 instead of 7, wake up early or later. The point is change your routine to something unrecognizable by the spirit or the attacker.

Why are you not using the 7 african powers to defend you. Being exposed to this lifestyle it is very much a mental battle, the more power you give them, the more they have over you.

If you’re so willing to go to the Goetia for help, something you know nothing about it seems, how can faith in King Paimon be stronger than that of your own teaching? If there are attackers, they know for sure your faith in your spirituality and in you is weak.

Call Chango to fight for you, Oya is Baroness of the Cemetary, have you reached out?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. It’s taken me years (after being on my own with no padrino, after them) of hit and miss scattershot learning. If you belong to no house, no one wants to get involved. The santo Palo community often operates much like a spiritual mafia system. Once you are made you belong to that family. Leaving them is frowned upon and you become suspect instead of anyone suspecting the godparents. It has a lot of rules that if you question them, it is seen as disrespectful, instead of as someone who wants to know and learn. There’s a lot of characters and cultish behavior that demand absolute and total loyalty, no matter if a house or godparent is right or wrong. So I drifted. My padrino now deals with Ifa only, and doesn’t even like talking about the situation. I’m stonewalled. I won’t complain about him because he’s shown me much patience and has scraped me off the ground many times in my last years and taught me a lot. But it is not enough for this situation. It’s like bandaging a bullet wound with a ray of light. My faith is in tatters. Yet there’s a thread I hang onto. When the connection gets severed (in my case-initiations and ceremonies done wrong) the effects can be devastating. I struggle with getting a connection to my Orishas. An Orisha crowning is having an energy seated on your head, and placed inside you for your life. I can’t dismiss the religion or the orisha, but people are people, not perfect. So I don’t sever my relationship with my padrino. The poor man has to deal with my mess, I’m sure my situation frustrates him completely.
You asked good questions. Maybe my description of necromancy was not a good one. They don’t want me dead, that’s too easy. They want me to suffer. So they use the dead to do the job. If you know anything about Palo you know it’s not a matter of giving them power of you. It works wether anyone believes it or not. And that’s the beauty of African centric magick.
I don’t have faith in King Paimon, all I have is a feeling and a few dreams. I just know there’s a connection there I want to explore. King Paimon resonates with me for other reasons. From what many have said, goetic daemons are formidable. I’m willing to explore that. Or archangels. I’ve more than reached out to my Orishas. I’m willing to look at the idea maybe Orishas or not a good fit for this. Or, maybe as you mentioned, Chango will step in. Your questions raised more questions for me, which is a good thing. Many thanks.

You’re welcome, and thats my only intention :slight_smile: Sometime’s I am brutally honest in an attempt to make others think deep and question, so I am glad you took it that way.

I have the highest regard for you and your situation and I honestly believe that now you have sounded to the ancients that you are seeking help, that the right one will present themself to you.

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And I for you Aprentiz. :pray: Honesty rules!

You are being a victim. A victim mentality is not going to be useful. The idea of destroying all of your attachments and leaving things behind is in fact a harsh reality that you may have to deal with.

You must sever all ties to him, to the religion and to all of the stuff that is in your house. They are links to those same energies that are being used to connect with you. Even if it’s the same person or not. ( I had a hard time throwing all of my things away also)

You can’t say that you don’t have faith King Paimon. What qualifies you to make that statement?

Who cares if they have links to you. Where is your will of fire???

And now for the hardest thing that you are going to hear :ear:!!!

Destruction and Chaos is absolutely necessary for you to achieve strength and be reborn anew.

Work with King Paimon to have them leave you in peace. Permanently.

With with King Belial to protect you and have you life and finances restored.

Work with Abadon to destroy all ties, links and damages that have been done to you and your health over the years.