Newbie asking for advice

I would like to introduce myself a bit (and please have mercy if my english is not perfect).
My name is max and i live in germany. I am currently 18 years of age. Since a year i am into spirituality. I found this forum because i awakened as a sanguine/psychic/elemental hybrid vampire and i looked up what was happening to me. I know that i have high potenital rearding my mostly latent inherent psychic abilities. A half year ago i first noticed my second sight ability, which also combined itself with my clair senses after they got activated. After my awakening my telepathy, chi/energy and aura manipulation and with this also my energy healing abilities came to light. I am also a medium(as a child i could always heard somebody yell my voice just for me to turn around and see nobody. i though this was normal and happens to everyone lol). I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I am interested in energy and spirit work, necromancy(mostly for psychopompic activities), vampirism in may forms, activating and training psychic and psionic abilities, spirituality, philosophy and looking into every detail of my soul.
I already work with a few spirits and they are very helpful and great teachers.
Regarding my spiritual being i think (not certain yet) that my one parent is a lamia and the other is a divine being.

My questions are:
How can i gain information of my soul, its journey and its source?
How can i find out which abilities are latent in me so i can directly target them?
Are there techniques for DNA activation i can do( i heard this activates the abilites)?

I thank everybody who reads this for your attention and time.

All abilities are latent in you. It’s not like in a video game where you are gifted with some abilities and need to unlock them.
Of course there are some things that you will find easier than other things, just like some people have a talent for drawing and others are naturally good runners, but the only way to find out is trying.

The perks of being a human is that you have all the possibilities.


Hi, Haze! Welcome to the forum!

You can try to learn about it, working with spirits.
Anyway, I learned about my soul and its origins while working with King Paimon and partly with Astaroth.

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