New way of Divination

This is it I thought of it and want to know if someone uses it
Get into Meditation clear mind (TGS) ask the spirit you work with to give you a name or you give yourself one of a Historical Fugure or a fact with a date then ask the spirit to give you a date of birt or death or someting simmilar then check it on wikipedia to see if it is right I think this is the best way to better comunication and not have doubts what do you guys think does someone do this ^-^


This is not divination because you are assuming one erroneous thing: Spirits are not always right and do not possess all knowledge.

You are making the assumption that the spirit will automatically be able to spout facts about some human figure from the past and this is just not true. Most of the time a spirit will just say, “Who?” If I ask Azazel about Joe Schmo down the street, unless he is a magician and is familiar with Azazel, the great demon wouldn’t have anything to say about him.


It is a logic thing imo… why would they care what a random human did in his life, they have better things to do :joy:


I have a book on necromancy whose title i have forgotten. It contains a method of training a divinatory spirit in a manner similar to the above. The spirit is only rewarded when it responds with correct answers.


The spirit knows is it is on wikipedia they just know it the idea is this way he will help you to know which voice is his in your mind. that is my point

they don’t care the same thing can be done with anything else the idea is to help you diferentiate the voice in your head and the spirit s voice so you get better at divination

and How can we as Koetting stated posses omnipresence and omnipotence and a powerfull king like Azazel doesn’t and they even read what is on the web he can surely look up wikipedia knowlege flows freely in the spirit world and they would know basic stuff the idea is like grab some stones throw them go to the other room and ask the spirit what number of stones are there he gives you a number you go check if they are the same you know then the spirit told you and you get fammiliar with their voice that is my idea

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I don’t agree with that at all. My experience shows spirits do not have all knowledge, and just because something is on wikipedia doesn’t mean, a) that it is true, and b) a spirit will know it.

What you are seeking is verification, not divination, but the method you have described is not very accurate for that because your mind is a vast storehouse of tidbits of information and your subconscious can very well know something that your conscious mind does not. It remembers everything you have ever read, heard , smelled or seen, so you will never be able to say for certain that you didn’t already know the information you got from the spirit.

A spirit does not possess Omnipresence, just like they do not possess Omnipotence. Only humans have that potential as we have the capacity to evolve beyond that of what we are. If a spirit was truly Omnipotent or Omnipresent, then we wouldn’t be able to constrain them in a triangle or bind them but we can do so. Azazel went through his own evolution with the help of @Eye_of_Ra which he wouldn’t have had to if he was truly all powerful or all knowing. We help spirits evolve as much as they help us.

Spirits have been known by many magicians to give false information. What I have found to be most useful in differentiating the voice of a spirit from my own inner voice is to focus not on what is said but on how it is said. Syntax and dialect are easier to tell apart from your own inner voice, in my experience.


I suspect that what a lot of magicians are getting is a blend of genuine communication and their own internal dialogue. It’s an easy mistake to make it you’re not careful. I still second guess myself at times. I don’t see any real solution but continued practice.

On the subject of using spirits for divination, my experience is that it can be done. Years ago I had a spirit that gave ridiculously accurate information in pendulum dowsing. I’m not making a case for spirits having omniscience because even this spirit had limits. Many spirits simply can’t perform in this capacity but some can. If you find one, make sure you cultivate a good relationship with it. They are worth their weight in gold.


I do not say I know it for certain I know from reading don’t know if that is the truth here is what one member in the forum asked
Me: “Why can’t I bind my soul to an object?”

Hecate: “Souls and spirits are limitless, in a sense. They do not take up space, they are everywhere, and nowhere. Just like you cannot harness and constrain me inside of an object so that no other magician can ever call on me, you can’t concentrate your soul into one singular object.”

Me: “But what about my soul in my body? It feels like I am a soul trapped in it.”

Hecate: “It may feel like that, but it is not so. Your soul is not concentrated inside of your body. No, you, just like everything else, exist in multiple planes at the same time. It’s just that your focus is right here in the physical plane.”

This is another member
ME: but there are thoughtforms of demons running around.
Belial: Popular culture creates egregores on the astral as you know. Belial is in Diablo 3, Belial is in your book(referring to a novel I read as a teen), will you summon these Belials? What good will they do you? Intend to summon King Belial of the Goetia. I am power. I am fire. I am resplendent glory I am… (this carried on for a while)

Here is another one I read on the forum can’t find it the spirits the 9 kings and others manipulate the forum and point to more important stuff also when you start in the occult me particulary the spirits led me to the information Lucifer specificly websites videos and etc. that points out that he knows the internet one more thing they are all at multiple locations at the same time and I think that they hide their real power to a degree so this points out that they are like us I do not brag and arogantly say this I only share what I read this is not my experiane so please share your thoughts ^-^

Spirits are multidimensional, but that doesn’t mean they are omniscient or omnipotent, which is what we were discussing. Being all knowing, and all powerful are completely different from simply being multidimensional or omnipresent (i noticed in my previous post that I kept saying omnipresence when I meant omniscience. That was a mistake)

My point of view is the same as Hecate. You’ll notice she said, “limitless, in a sense.” I think of them like a hologram, each aspect containing the whole. When you constrain or bind a spirit, you are only binding that part or aspect that you called upon, but if a spirit were truly omnipotent, then no matter what aspect you tried to bind, you wouldn’t be able to hold it because every aspect would have the power of the whole and by what Power do you bind something that is all powerful? We also know from experience that spirits are not always successful in the tasks assigned to them by magicians. If they are truly all powerful, then there should be, by definition, nothing they can’t do, and yet we know there are limitations.

The same thing goes for omniscience. Very few spirits have knowledge even slightly outside of their sphere of expertise. Some spirits are more general than others, like Lucifer, Belial, and Azazel, but even they have been known to recommend other spirits that specialize or are better suited to certain tasks, showing that they don’t know, and can’t do, everything.

No, spirits are aware of information about themselves specifically, not general human knowledge. A spirit is aware of the intention when you speak or think about them, which is why you can connect to them simply through their name, but that in no way means they possess even general knowledge about all things. Knowing about the internet (they are also aware of movies and television shows that reference them, as your example of Belial shows) is far different than knowing all the information available on it. You were sent to specific websites and videos because in this day and age, that is where the majority of information about spirits is found. Less than 30 years ago, you would have been sent to the library for certain books.


The title of the book is Communing with Spirits by Martin Coleman.


I think I understand what you mean. Your goal is to validate the answers you’re getting to make sure they’re from spiritual source and its not your mind playing tricks on you.

In my opinion. This is absolutely a must. Without validation you could simply be wasting your time and energy. But probably the specific technique you mentioned is not the best way to do that. Like other members explained, spirits may not know the answer…for whatever reason.

Try something different…for example… open a book randomly, pages facing down, don’t look it it, just put it aside face down… and ask the spirits which page is it or what’s the first word on the right page, the left page… This is just an example , you can come up with many more. Just don’t make it too difficult like telling birth details of historical figures, in theory they should know, but let’s just make it as easy as possible. The goal is not to test their knowledge or power, but to make sure we’re not fooling ourselves and we’re in a validated spirit communication that we can trust.

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if we follow your steps, as they do not have time constraint and sure they may check wikipedia if ever that’s necessary (I don’t think so by the way) especially if we are speaking of higher demons, they may know the answer and indeed most answers. IMO even a djinn would have some answers to the facts if they want to - easily - However do not forget that they possess a higher intelligence and knowledge than most of us; so even they gave you right answer for the questions where the answers would be checked say again on wikipedia, they may easily fool you after hundred right answers -if they want- for a new answer that you may not check the validity or its truth.
In the old grimoires you may find some demons and some methods used to get the right answer. But as far as I know it depends on your relations with sprit (In that case you will receive the true answer but again that should be in line with your destiny- maybe that is not destiny but something similar) and another important factor is sure is your ascend, your spiritual and personal growth, here it magic and religion have something common, you become a saint, a saint of magick where pure and sure belief is reached and then you may get all the answers your looking for
When feeling unison with the universe, the magician knows he has reached his Higher or True Self because he has attained mastery of himself and the universe. Thus he feels his “skillful work ascends from earth to heaven and descends to earth again, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors.” Therefore, he “hast the glory of the whole world therefore let all obscurity flee from thee.” Now the miracles and all the answers are possible.

If I get back to your questions, you may cooperate with them but you may not force them and plus we are not always ready for the truth even we think we are , but a senior of Aether – God or a Higher demon which existed before history and will not cease to exist after millennials- believe me, knows a lot.

this is a better idea yes ^-^

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