NEW VIDEO: Most Dangerous Secrets Of Necromancy Revealed

NEW VIDEO: The Most Dangerous Secrets Of Necromancy Revealed

E.A. introduces you to the Necromantic Magick that you will unlock in Gateways of Necromancy by him and Edgar Kerval on May 9. Follow the all-new channel featuring E.A. Koetting and the world’s top black magicians exclusively on Odysee.

Unleash The Immortal Forces Of Necromancy To Crack Open The Tomb Of Eternal Unveiling… Experience Rebirth In The Flesh To Become A Living Death God With Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting


The all-new double-grimoire live on May 9, featuring:

  1. Gateways of Necromancy by Colombian sorcerer Edgar Kerval
  2. Transcarnate Magick by black magician E.A. Koetting

You’ll learn:

  • Immortal magick of Transcarnate Necromancy
  • Communion with Death Essence step by step
  • Morbid rituals to summon Spirits of the Dead
  • How to craft and wield Death Fetishes & Idols
  • Necromantic ritual gnosis of Palo Mayombe
  • Rites of Self-Transfiguration, Ego-Dissolution & Death Magick through the Current of Death
  • Guide to Aztec and Mesoamerican Death Cults
  • Profiles on deific incarnations of Death Gods
  • Funerary Rites for both the Dead & Living

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Advisory Warning : This enlightened grimoire absolutely does not condone physical violence. This is for readers of age 18+ only.

Dear Friend,

  • Have you ever felt terrified by the possibility of dying?
  • Have you ever worried whether an Afterlife exists?
  • Have you ever lost a loved one, and hoped to contact them between worlds?
  • Are you an ambitious Black Magician striving for immortality and the power to conquer Death itself?
  • Would you like to know the ancient rituals and magick beliefs of Death Magick from South America, Africa, and the Americas?

Truthfully, I cannot give you all the answers on the subject of death — nobody can. But, I can show you exactly how to find them for yourself…

Hi, I’m E.A. Koetting, and I’ve partnered again with top black magician and respected author, Edgar Kerval. Together and better than ever, he and I unveil the newest, breakthrough double-grimoire on how to perform the world’s most powerful Death Magick. This unprecedented Black Book features two grimoires of fearless, forbidden sorcery in one:

Grimoire #1: Gateways of Necromancy by Edgar Kerval
Grimoire #2: Transcarnate Magick by E.A. Koetting, me

In this double-grimoire, Gateways of Necromancy & Transcarnate Magick, you’ll learn:

  • Both ancient and modern techniques of performing hardcore Transcarnate Necromancy
  • Exactly how to commune with Death Essence step by step
  • Forbidden rituals to summon the Spirits of the Dead
  • How to craft and wield Death Fetishes and Death Idols
  • Advanced rituals of Death Worship, Ego-Dissolution, and Self-Transfiguration through the unforgiving Death Current
  • A guided exploration of Aztec and Mesoamerican Death Cults, along with deific incarnations of Death Gods from the ancient Americas
  • Initiatory secrets of Death from Palo Mayombe, including helpful “workarounds” and “backdoors” for the modern Sorcerer in the West
  • And of course, how to perform Funerary Rites of the Dead and the Living…
  • Truthfully, this only scratches the surface of the Death Magick contained within this fearless double-grimoire

After I personally studied Edgar Kerval’s Gateways of Necromancy last year, I couldn’t keep myself away from the practices — I needed to know for myself. Death has opened more doors for me than I knew existed. Death and my reverence of death has given me life, and I can teach you how to master the Death Current too.

In my manual, Transcarnate Magick , alongside Gateways of Necromancy , I divulge my personal experiences diving headfirst into Necromancy, and as I step across the threshold, I bring you with me — beyond. Death is merely a doorway, and I’ve found ways of lingering between the worlds that will awaken more power and priceless knowledge than you can imagine.

You see, Necromancy is not simply a one-dimensional “worship of death” — it constitutes the ULTIMATE reverence and fulfillment of life itself.

  • You will learn how to apply Necromancy to your highest aspirations and likewise to your deepest needs
  • I’ll teach you how to direct Death Essence towards your ability to fully become a living death god
  • You’ll learn how to summon any spirit, as well as multiple ways of communicating with them
  • I reveal my secrets to the creation of Death Idols
  • And I give you the keys to the infinite doorway

Gateways of Necromancy is the only Death Magick double-feature with this amount of true, first-hand experience available anywhere on earth. And, accompanying this groundbreaking compendium is my fully-integrated Gateways of Necromancy video course to dovetail the priceless knowledge of the grimoires.

Through enlightened rites of daily death worship, morbid devotions, ecstasy rites, expedition spells, Necromantic evocations, I’ve cracked open a tomb of eternal unveiling, and I invite you to join me in the world between worlds.

I filmed every single ritual that I performed of Necromancy, and the lucid insights that I extracted are transmitted in this video course, with hours of footage featured in high-definition video. Thus, you experience my experiences right along with me.

Let’s be honest…

Death is guaranteed; everyone will inevitably find out the truth of what lies beyond death. But, if you’re not willing to wait for that fateful moment in the future, and need to discover the priceless magick knowledge right now, then Gateways of Necromancy and Transcarnate Magick can scratch that itch without needing to cross over yourself…

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Edgar and I will see you midnight, Monday night, May 9th.

Godlike Power,