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Hi guys.
I have followed this forum for about 2 weeks and finally decided to make an account.

I have a christian background and I’m not going to lie when I tell you that the first time I saw a book on demons in my recommended section on amazon I was scared as fuck lol.
Some threads on this platform shocked me as well (this religious dogma is carved into my brain apparently).

However I am feeling more comfortable about it and after more searching I understand that these entities help us ascend and don’t really care about your choices (unless you make a pact with them I guess).

Some of the books that appeared in my recommended were GoM books. DoM got my attention in particular. Even if I was scared shitless about working with demons at the time, I was terribly curious (like, the book was popping into my mind non-stop).
I know a lot of forum members use EA’s methods but I don’t feel really comfortable evoking spirits right now.

Are GoM books a good start? Any book recommendations are appreciated!
Sorry for writing an essay haha

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Welcome to the forum.

I take it, that you have no experience in magick at all?

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if you are not comfortable with evoking demons you can work with angels and when the time is right with demons they will understand.everything comes with time and practice

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I only did some pathworkings, one from Lucifer and the hidden demons and one from Raziel’s paths of power.
I felt a warm and welcoming presence though and I’m feeling more confident about working with these spirits

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