New to the site and revamping my life

I just started my journey today with the path working with Baal. Looking to link up with others also doing the path working.

my background is in ceremonial magick as well lucumi. Im pretty rusty and busted around right now trying to get my shit together at the age of 33 and start over in my practice and life. Im looking to meet friends and gain allys in my workings and find people to help keep each other on track.

My initiations are
Lucumi - Recived my Elekes and Warrios in ile elegua eti oggun
Thelema - Temple of the silver star neophyte
Asatru Folk Assembly - Ex member
Community Seed Coven - Watcher


Welcome to the BALG forum.

How long have you practiced?

Im 33 got into the occult around 14 into the coven group around 18-23, afa around 24-26, thelema 27-30, lucumi 30-33

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currently going full hard into left hand path with zero breaks on

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I ma not familiar with Lucumi. Is it similar to the ATRs like Vodun?

If you don’t mind me asking, what prompted the move from Lucumi to working with traditional Western demons?

Lucumi is Cuban Santeria, Basically in Santeria you strive to better your self and keep your head cool, you live a good life and stay on track with your plan in life. There is alot more to it but I wont go into it due to some of it being more ile dependent such as rules and such.

As for my western demons I have always looked into them and been fascinated by them, Im at a place in life were im ready for the next push in my life to grow and become who im ment to be. At this point it dont feel Im ment to be a priest in santeria I was marked for Obatala but i just dont feel its right for me.

I feel deep in my heart that my goal is in the left hand direction, since I was a young teenager I had a dream of writing a book on necromancy but never realy stuck to the course and path it became a dream then vanished. I think its time to now push that dream and my practice to the next level of spiritual growth. Im here to push my mind, body, and soul.

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I spent years basically chasing power, one group after another never happy with what I found. I worked the systems and busted my ass and stuck to the rules got the rewards and got bored basically. This like I stated is the system and path I always wanted to do and dreamed of but never did due to fear and lack of info.

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Thank you for answering, and again, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

thanks! that was actually really good getting that off my chest , currently I working the baal pathworking system. Just started it today picked up he complete collection and the lucifruige book as well

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

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