New to the Left hand and have questions about some Ritual work

Hello all!! My name is Gregory, ive studied hermetics for a few years now. As a former (self proclaimed) student of Franz Bardon i have learned a lot of the basics. But ever since i got started into magic (even back in my wicca dayz lol) i have been drawn to ceremonial magick! Ive bought a few grimoires such as The Goetia, the Greek Magical Papyri and St. Cyprian but im having a hard time finding all the damn ingredients for the evocations! Now i know like within Hermetics and I studied Chaos magick as well its basically like you can kind of use your own ingredients and make your own rituals, however i just feel like with the goetia and The PGM i should follow the directions to the T! I know that some of you guys have done some of these rituals and i have to ask… How the hell did you find all the ingredients or can you substitute certain things with more available materials? I want to do the rituals correctly to get the best results but when it comes to the evocations im at a blockage due to unavailable items! PLEASE HELP!!! if there is any advice you guys (or gals) can give me (thats not gonna cost hundreds of dollars) i would appreciate it!

Hello welcome! hermetics is a great foundation.

I have never done the rituals in the goetia step by step. in fact the first time i summoned a demon i only used incense, a circle and a sigil of the demon. The results still came, the demon still manifested and i was left in shock at how powerful evocation can be with so little tools.

I think this video may help you. There is a lot of dogma when working with the demonic. In time you will learn to see through it and pick what tools help you connect the best with the entity.


No tool will make up for Will and intention. The stronger you are in those practices the stronger you’re gonna be when you manifest your hearts desires.

You don’t need ingredients.
I’ve used incense sticks.
I’ve used a candle.
I’ve used a sigil.

All separate, and all combined.

This all comes down to the power of conjuration. As you pull the energy all around you, (the universe) and will that being before you, it will come.

The process of evocation really comes down to the evocative state that is required upon the conjuration of desire.

The desire of being’s being present to behold before you and the desire of outcome that you wish to acquire.

This all comes down to the magicktive state.
(And yes, I just made a new word🤣)

The truth, you don’t need a damn thing. The stronger your focus, the stronger you visualize and the stronger your concentration is, you could and would actually achieve anything.


Yep you’re on point.

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Read the works of Aaron Leitch. He practices the grimoire tradition in a modern context.


I actually just bought some of his work and have been studying his material on the goetia and on offerings… Very good stuff.


Makes complete sense. Thank you