New to the forums

Hello all,
First and foremost Hail Lucifer Bright and Glorious Morningstar.
Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. Since a young age I have been drawn to the occult and in particular the Greek pantheon and Lucifer himself. I am on my way to the left hand path and look forward to joining in educated discussions and well as posting my success in the forums.
Hail Lucifer


hey welcome and i hope you enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. :+1:t3:

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Welcome @SwordofMorningstar

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in maigck? You haven’t told us whether you do or not.

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

If you don’t, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

More information is required for a proper introduction so please answer the questions.


Hi there welcome to our forum @SwordofMorningstar :wave:

My apologies,
I am from Pennsylvania off the New Jersey border.
I have been practicing on and off since I was 16 or so. I’ve gone from nature magick to Greek pantheon and currently studying the Goetia including Lucifer and Melek Taus.
I’m interested in learning more on the different aspects of Lucifer and his teachings.
I hope this answers your questions but please feel free to ask my more.
Thank you


And how long is that exactly?

Do you practice any specific system or tradition?

I’m currently 48. I’m a practicing Luciferian.

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Welcome to the forum.

Thank you!