New to the forum (an atheist)

Hi, my name is Matt, I’m from Europe.
I’m a rationalist and satanist-atheist. I don’t really believe in magic and such paranormal stuff. But I’m open-minded and curious about occultism and I agree with, for example, Crowley’s philosophy (“every man and woman is a star”). I like the “becoming a god” with the power of will thing and I find the rituals/summonings of demons/etc very interesting, but, as i said, i’m a rationalist. I didn’t break up with the christianity just to believe in other ghosts.
I did not mention to offend anybody and I hope i won’t be banned for heresy, because I find many posts on this forum valuable and inspiring.


Nope, just be chill and respect that some people here think differently, it’ll all be fine. :+1:

This forum’s not a cult and there are people with all kinds of different ideas here, and also, things tend to evolve over time anyway, old ideas change or fall away, so jousting over them is a waste of time.


Former Atheist here. Alright, so I was an atheist for less than a year, but I still think it counts.


Welcome Matt from Europe :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m really glad you’re here.

Welcome Matt :slight_smile: when i first started i was also an atheist of many years looking outside in at the occult. there is something beautiful about atheism in being the master of your own choices and having the courage to face an indifferent universe. wherever you wish to go i wish you the best in your journey.

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Im a former atheist…I became an occultist after I met Lord Lucifer for the first time when I was doing a ritual to see if it worked.

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Hello and welcome! Atheism is a very goo starting point for self-discovery because you are generally less conditioned in certain aspects than others. As long as you maintain the open-minded, discovery oriented attitude you’ll surely benefit.


Heretic! Forget about banning him, we must burn him at the stake! Or was it steak? I like mine medium rare.

Welcome, sir, to BALG! You’ll find a lot of useful information here, and various perspectives and paradigms. Discussions are more than welcome; dogma, not so much. So, you should fit in.


something changed in your life after that? these rituals are supposed to give me strenght, energy or what? do they work on you?

I met Lucifer, then I tried to evoke Jesus, and I saw that they were real, but I picked the stronger path. As far as giving mw strength and that stuff, I would say yes but it does take work to become powerful, and yes you can get physical strength if you do a ritual for it


Good morning,
So happy you are here. Can I ask what you believe in as far as science? I didnt believe in magick either until I started learning about transference and reiki healing. I realized that is what magick really is. Not just of that level but in many ways. I also believe some things are fated and we cant change those with out a lot of work.



I play bingo…

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