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Hey All,

My name is Desmond from Detroit, Michigan USA.

Quick back story, I first became interested in the occult and satanism ten years ago when I was 19. I came to this path looking for more power over my life and even though I was raised christian I never felt it was truly for me.

I first came across JOS(Joy of Satan), which Im sure many of you heard before. This platform introduced me to basic understanding of the left hand path and my journey down the rabbit hole started. I did perform the dedication ritual to satan and that was the first time I actually felt a presence of energy, so i knew this stuff was real. Soon after I came across BALG and all of EA Koettings books, I read all of them. I devoured every mainstream book from EA Koetting, Michael Ford, Aesenth Mason,S. Connelly and all other left-hand and occult classical books you might of came across as well. However, I was what you might called a “couch occultist”.

Over the years, I was on and off with my dedication through the left hand path, but I always felt its essence was apart of me. I did go through some destructive times because with all the information I was exposing myself too I didn’t know how to balance and process it correctly. But every-time my life was falling apart it came back together stronger.

Now after 10 years of consuming knowledge, experiencing life and learning more about myself I am committed to this path. I have been consistent the past few months with developing my skills so I can have more success with my rituals and working with demons. I have had little success here and there nothing major yet but i know its a life long journey and all that will soon come.

My interest are in working with powers of darkness, learning about demons and ahrimanian magic. I look forward to being apart of this community and growing with you all in our own spiritual ascent.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum; may you find what you seek.