New to tarot reading, I need insight

I am new to reading tarot and watched a host of videos on how to shuffle, sage, and read the cards.
I did a reading tonight concerning a new business that I want to start and was perplexed at what I got and wondered if I shuffled incorrectly.
I asked the cards will I be successful in this business and pulled 3 cards off the top.

I got eight, seven, and six of swords in that order.

If it is a brand new deck it may not been shuffled enough but generally in my experience and doing tarot I was taught early on not to read on self. They sometimes will do something weird.

However what deck did you use? That can play a role as well.


That isn’t really a great set of sword cards to get for that reading. The first, the eight of swords is the old stuck in the mud card, then next, you get the seven of swords, so that means that basically someone takes advantage of you, and lastly the six of swords, where you realize this wasn’t such a grand idea after all so basically moving on from it.

Yeah, I hate getting readings like that but sometimes crap happens.

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Here’s my basic take: Use your intuition and asign each “placement” a meaning before you pull

You could choose beforehand:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Health, Wealth, Relationships
  • What may help, what may harm, what’s actionable
  • Past, present, future

You get it.

Make this “spread” you choose suit your question so you have a signpost to draw through from each card

Then you’ll get a feel for what’s to come. I shuffle the deck until it “feels” ready, sort of like eating M&M’s and some go “no this one” (if you’re ocd enough to relate)

I’d re-read again with something less yes/no in mind such as “tell me of my business ventures on this trajectory”

Then perhaps a spread like:

  1. General read
  2. What’s actionable magickally
  3. What’s actionable in the mundane
  4. What’s likely to happen with magick
  5. What’s likely to happen without magick

Based on that you can get a new spread with a new question. I often just make up the spread as I’m shuffling no matter the read, it all just comes to me. Use the book at first, the little quips and quotes in them mean 1000x more than the list of stuff that’s in it.

There are no rules but the ones you make about it. Reversals often mean “look at this one hard” rather than “opposite meaning” to me. Up to you. It’s your language they’ll speak to you

And ultimately your gut feeling is always right. I did exactly this and have been reading well since my first real try


Rider-Waite deck

Thank-you. I will copy this and see if I can print out what you said and use it as a reference.

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Enjoy! Hope it helps, and if you’re open to angel work, Haniel is top notch for connecting you to your intuition

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Oh ok thanks

Yeah, when I opened the book it came with and read the meaning… I was perplexed… and scared.

Like someone mentioned already, you could just need to shuffle the cards better. If you haven’t already, try breaking them up into three piles and start shuffling one of them, then shuffle the second, put them together and shuffle again. Then shuffle the third stack and add it to the rest. Shuffle again. Just helps to randomize the cards better.

That being said, in terms of what you asked, I feel like this is telling you that you may be limiting yourself, putting up mental barriers or deceiving yourself somehow. It could be that you aren’t necessarily confident in your ability to move forward or it could be that you’re charging in too quickly and locking yourself in that way…you may need to slow it down and back away from any unrealistic expectations you have around your plans and start from the ground up, looking at all the details.

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Thanks for the insight.

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