New to LHP

Hi, my name is tabbu.i am from india I was invited to thi forum through my friend @Gwydion22.
I have no experience in LHP, I would to interact and learn from amazing knowledge able here. Let me know from where should I start.

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Welcome @tabbu

Do you have experience in any form of magick, besides LHP?

Yes I do have experience in RHP magick but not that experienced…I feel attracted towards LHP and i am also interested in learning evocation and everything. You look very experienced, be my tutor please!!

What, exactly, do you have experience in? The techniques of LHP magick aren’t really any different than those of the RHP. It’s mainly just a different focus and intention.

I’ve learnt conjuration of archangel, divinations only.

Well, if you can conjure an angel, you can conjure a demon. The methodology is basically the same.

Yes, but I’m afraid of certain dangers I’ve heard summoning a demon can cause. I want to learn the correct technique to summon a demon. As a beginner can you tell me step by step guide to practice black magick and summoning.