New to forum

Hello everyone my name is Melissa I’ve actually been practicing for about a year 1/2. I am actually new to spirit calling but I’ve been trying it for about a month and I have now Figured out I can feel them but I can’t understand them. I don’t like calling them demons but I like to work with the darker side of things I like baneful magic. I have been doing a lot of love work over the last 18 months for my eggs and the b****'s with because they have taken my son from me. I know that I want to do a lot of evil things but evil to me only means live and I’m gonna live. And the other day I did 2 layered spells one for mind manipulation because of all the crap i am going through with my son and court and everything else. And inside a layered spell for love for my ex to finally pull his head out of his ass and get back home. Inactuallybstarted watching all of EA’s videos out of desperation after my 20 year marriage fell apart. I have yet to see any results of all the magic I have done. I even paid a spell caster over 26000 dollars fornwork.over the last year for dark magic casket spells and all. Never to see any results. I do know that working with these great entities that I can have the life that I want just sometimes wonder if they have heard me and are working I know doubt causes delays which I dont need right now but I am putting all my heart pain and faith into it. Sorry for the long post just wanted to do a thorough intro. Sending blessings to all that read this . We are our own gods and goddess so now we have to make our lives everything we want it to be.

And oh I forgot 1 thing besides the legal battle I am in right now I am job hunting and looking for a home so I am trying to work with several spirits to attain my life. King Asmodeus was the first entity that I have tried to work with. I also even though I am a woman wanted to try Sargatanas even though he only known to work.with men. Still nothing so any advice on what I could or am doing wrong would be of great help.

26 thousand Dollar!? Are you sure!!

Yes I know exactly what I paid this caster for a year and never saw a single result. She was out of new Orleans so I thought she was the real deal. Now it’s all on me to do my own work and was still doing work on the subjects as well

So now trying to work with certain entities to get my whole life back together and in the order that I want it to be. With the success that I know I can have.