New Temple- Need Ideas

So I just moved into the apartment Beliel got for me. It has my extra room which I requested from him so that I can build my temple and have my sacred area of practice. If you all could have a temple, or do have a temple (pictures would be awesome), what would you do with it? Just curious to here others ideas.


The ideal would be a floor as a 2D foundation, with a few steps for reaching another floor which establish a 3D temple.
Draw a square in green (only the lines) on the floor below, as much large as this latter.
Inside draw a circle in red or violet (dynamic/synthesis colors) and in the circle draw a violet “rotated” square. Cross it all with a white vertical (positive) and a black horizontal (negative) lines, maybe half a color half the other themselves, etc.
On the second floor it’s possible to have two cubes corresponding to the squares, but the magician should also be able to enter the area above the circle… These are some possibilities.


I don’t have a temple as of yet, just a highly decorated altar. :frowning:

BUT, if I could build a temple overnight with everything I could desire, it would have an open space in the center for advanced rituals requiring circles. The only furniture proper would be a few small tables or flat-top chests, with candles in white, red and black adorning them. If I need to I might have shelves for stuff like paper or matches; disposable things that can be cheaply replaced. If I wanted to get really fancy I might have triangles representing the four elements painted in the corresponding colors and resting in the corresponding directions plus a 6-pointed star for the fifth “spirit” element in purple and orange on the ceiling. And that’s just for the general magic. :slight_smile:


Damn we have similar taste my friend!


My temple of blackened fire is gonna end up being pretty simple starting out, just my alter with my circle of counter creation with some candle sconces mounted on the wall for light if i need to be able to read.


My temple is going to be a metals workshop… Forge, tools, mill, lathe, etc. Its going to be fucking glorious. And a select few people i know will be invited every year to a Vulcanalia celebration


It will also grow any chance i can manage it. My one-car garage will suffice for now, but I’m not anticipating ever using a garage I own as car storage in the first place


I would take the smoke alarm out, first thing. Indoor temple? Hmmmm. I would have to have sconces on the walls, hanging censors, small shelves on the walls at the cardinal points… but other than that? Not sure. I generally work outdoors unless I am making chaos sigils, and I keep certain activities to certain areas. I would not be sure how or what to mix.


Living in Jersey isnt easy to find outdoor areas that are easy to go to. You lived in NY right?

Alarm, already learnes the hard way in my last place haha. Fire alarm went off at 3am,.woke up the whole house haha.

Yea i think these are the basics that i will begin with. Thanks


Well I suggest if you want to solidify, pure power for workings then make a circle, that will not move from that space I painted mine on solid stone ground, I called up the gatekeepers the nine demonic kings and lucifer the emperor to make that circle a vortex for all infernal power.

Not only do the powers of the infernal kingdom flow through it but also the arezura the hell of divs, my blood was added into the paint to.

You could create what I reccomend is a powerful symbol to be at the centre of the circle, you could also hang a scrying mirror on the wall.

You could even make what I’m working on a doorway of the spirit, which is a drawn or painted representation of a door / gateway into the world of spirit, so when you open portals you structure it and anchor it to the door on the wall.


I did one of those many years ago at someones home in a garage we collected 5 garbage bags of red roses from a cemetery during mothers day, and forg a 5 meter inverted pentagram with ring, when it was done i steped into the pentagram to make sure it was perfect, but when i tryed to get out i could not get out of the pentagram i was trapped in th pentagram, Peter had to brack the ring to allow me to exit.

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