New tattoo from Azazel

Anybody on here that knows me knows that I tend to get a lot of tattoos of the various sigils and symbols that I use.

While listening to some of JD temples work on YouTube, they were doing a chant that JD channel from Azazel.

Well I’ve never had any calling to really work with him, I’ve always respected him and everything that he’s done for EA as well as JD and quite a few other Black magicians that are out there running the business. And as I was listening to the chant, I felt that familiar pull in the center of my head that said I need to pay attention. So I pulled over, God knows why I still continue to drive around while listening to this shit, and I tuned in.

I receive this sigil which I’ve drawn here and I wanted to see if anybody else recognized it. It’s called the bearer of power. And apparently I’ve been getting these tattoos as part of a long game.


In that symbol it could be observed that it is integrated some parts of Lucifer’s sigil. Also Lucifer is known as “the bearer of Light” and other derivations of that and you said that this symbol it’s called “the bearer of power”. Azazel and Lucifer are known to be linked to each other, I’m not the single one who considers and saw that. Another proof that Azazel and Lucifer are linked.


What’s really interesting is that this sigil is going to be integrated on to the sigil that’s already on the back of my neck.

Some other tattoos that I’ve been told that I have to get.

One. The Sigil of Belial upon my left breast.
Two. The Sigil of Baal upon my right breast.
Three. The sorcerer seal upon my arm.
Four. The Sigil of Paimon in the center of my chest.

The goal of my spiritual Ascension is becoming more clear, and after I get all of these tattoos, and I embue all of these tattoos with the energy that I’m going to be put into them, it will be interesting, to blatantly understate the fact.


So it begins


Interesting. Belial told me to tattoo his sign on my left arm. Azazel claimed the right, not long before that. I guess it’s a thing!


Cool tattoos. I plan on getting mine soon.

yes, i recognized the sigil.

Thank you for sharing it.



You did?

I drew that out in a haze, where did you see it!?!?!?

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I saw something similar to this last night when I closed my eyes but the top of it was more square than triangle. It’s hard to explain.

I didn’t see the exact same sigil,
so i guess it’s legitly given to you / your creation.

However, i’m skilled in Sigil Creation,
I recognize parts of it for their different meaning,

Alex01 was pretty well pointing it out and that’s just one layor.
I see the double X ( XX ), which represents Saturnian Energy,
i see the double Apple on the bottom, the Energy being convexed into their source, as well as into the “blade” like shape of the cone above.

I could go on giving different angles of view, but i don’t want to explain all of it.
(it get’s a little bit annoying after a while as well.)

Point is,
I’ve been given an Item in the Astrals, which can’t exist in the Physical,
and seeing the Sigil reminded me of it.
(while the timing is also interesting since i got the item very recently.)



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