New sigil experiment

Hey, so i got inspired to create this sigil today. Out of nowhere just felt the urge to make it. Im going to work with it and give it life, i wanted to see if anyone else wanted to use it and give their thoughts. Just as an experiment, i want to see how much power can be drawn into it if several people are using it. The general vibe of this sigil to me is abundance to flow freely.

Also if anyone has a sigil they have created and would like to have others input and energy into it would love to work with yours as well.

But yeah, what do ya’ll think?

What is this sigil’s purpose?

A bit of advice to all the newcomers to this forum: be wary of any servitors or sigils posted for “public” use, as some less than honest people in the past have used them to as a way to feed on, and drain, energy from members.


Oh shit, I wasnt even thinkung about that. I know better than to attack randomly like that. No i made this with the intention to attract abundance and financial oppertunity. I liked how it turned out and wanted to get input on it. I like the members here, plus i dont play with that magic war crap. I respect everyone unless given a good reason not to.

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Thank you for answering about its purpose. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


A thought crossed my mind about collective energies while reading this thread.
Oneis3 posted the sigil in good faith to share and bring in other peoples good energy. But what if some other peoples energy brings something undesirable. I don’t necessarily mean bad energy, just maybe unhelpful?

What I mean is, supposing someone out there is going through some bad experiences. Would that energy attach to the sigil along with good intentions?