New set of spirits to work with

It’s time to unveil both a new set of spirits and consequently a new system of magick to work with.

This doesn’t have a name yet, but I can tell you what the main spirits are.
I can tell you what this system is though. Its a system of unfathomably old omni-omniversal beings. The main titles are the Supreme Kai, North Kai, South Kai, East Kai, West Kai, and Shadow Kai.
The one I work with the most is a spirit named Shadow Kai Lacrosa.

Since they are so old they don’t have enns or sigils. Just a name and an energy. Though I have found one way to get Shadow Kai Lacrosa’s attention is to sit in complete darkness and chant his name over and over and over.

I want you guys to work with me to uncover the specifics about these entities and modernize them.

Please leave questions!


Wow, they sound like these badasses from Dragon Ball! Thats really cool! I love pop culture references :slight_smile:


As long as there isn’t a Zamasu…:shushing_face:


Yes but these are the real deal. Obviously magick oriented compared to fighting. :joy::joy:


Any news on ??

Haven’t worked with them too much lately. Committed to the Gatekeeper series right now.

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