New "Radionics and Magick" Face Book Group

I just started a discussion group on Face Book dealing with a specific topic, the use of Radionics in Magickal operations. It’s about 48 hours old and there are about 65 members so apparently there was an interest although there are a ton of people who use RHP magick there and a handful of really old school ceremonial magicians touting the absolute necessity for strict adherence to ceremonial processes. On the up side Charles Cosimano almost immediately became verbal in the group. That is always interesting.

There is a big need for alternative thought such as some of the people here. That being said, again, the topic of the group is “radionics” in relation to magickal operations - not merely 1 or the other topic separately. I know some of the good people here have used radionics in LHP operations and have a lot to say about it. That group needs that input.

And in closing - the group is open to anyone interested in the topic. It is a “closed” group so if you are there and family members are in your friends list - they will not know or see your communications.


Im very interested in radionics so would like to join. Whats the name of the group?

All that writing and I forgot to post a link to the group. Here it is:


I just finished answering the questions and sent it in.

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My family accepted me being an ancient alien reptilian Queen. Most anything seems normal to them by now…

Cool thanks. I’ll go join…

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I am completely new to radionics, is that a good source of info for someone like me?

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