New project, entity advanced thoughtforming

Hello, my name is Seeker, this is a new method of servitor conjuration I am experimenting with and perfecting. I am not sure if others have done this. I thought of it a few days ago. When I have consistent results I will share more in an actual post, for now I am journaling.

Abstract: using the kabbalah as an example for the structure of a soul, runes can be used under an umbrella ‘title’ and conjured together to be personified into 1 individual entity.


  1. Name and Sigil(create the entities sigil, the more thought you put into the name, the better[magin])
  2. Rune(using the method of galdr, add to the name sigil with runes)
  3. Association, tie associations to the entity that are symbolic of the desired manifestation
  4. Acquire rune associations(plants associated with the runes are easiest for conjuration)
  5. Create a vessel using the sigil/bindrune(these are combined, the bindrune is made by modifying the sigil example below)
  6. Ritual
    A. Conjure the entity
    B. Conjure and evoke the runes(rune associations burned)
    C. Use the methods of galde to describe how these runes will integrate and shape the personality(mode) of the entity.
    D. Shaping. Heavy visualization daily to shape and reinforce desired runic traits. This step will take months to complete.

Step 1 and 2, “blue tag”


Feel free to post ideas to this journal, I dont mind. I’ll update as I continue

@SeekerofK any updates on this topic?? I’m getting ready to try something like this.