New practitioner, very excited! ♡

hello! i go by rose, i am a twenty-year-old college student.

i really debated how in-depth i want to… expose myself here, but i think it would be good to air out just how my journey has gone so far. i got into witchcraft seriously sometime in march (?) of this year, though it was not unfamiliar to me. i did a lot of research when i was 12/13, but ultimately let it go. i was actually raised a hindu and im not sure of my relationship with the religion, but it’s not a negative one! i just have to read more and see if it’ll still match with me (if that makes sense).

i know this was stupid, but i started with deity work. it’s something i’m not proud of. i don’t think i let anything in when i was “talking” to zeus and hera (yeah… i know). i was at a low point at that time, i was searching for something… outside of myself, you know? glad to say, i’m not in that headspace now and i’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time! i started to work with apollo and artemis a little more seriously for a month or so after i got into my craft, but it wasn’t truly for me i think. around the time i was working with the twins, i had lord lucifer pop in. i’ll admit, i was scared. not because of him, i just didn’t want to work with OTHER demons; i thought he might be a gateway of sorts. i explicitly stated to his candle that i didn’t want to work with other demons… and yet here i am! lol, i do think that’s a little funny.

i’ve parted ways with any greek gods, and now i wish study various practices that are considered of the left hand path. i’m primarily researching demonolatry and dragon magick. i learned my lesson and will not be contacting any spirits formally until i’ve developed my skills and knowledge. im very spiritually obtuse? if that’s a thing. i can’t hear spirits, i can’t see anything, i don’t have any clairsenses naturally developed. it’s a little bit of a downer since my mom is very psychic and comes from a line of psychics. i say “little” but it really does get to me. though, hard work WILL pay off! so i’m working on having a consistent meditation practice and i saw a good post on here about developing clairsenses, so i will working on that! i’m also working on my divination skills and witchcraft in general!


  1. i was stupid and naive at first… starting with deity work. biggest embarrassment personally :frowning:
  2. lucifer is around, though i haven’t contacted him formally. as in, i haven’t invoked him. i have spoken to him through tarot, however.
  3. i’m very inexperienced with clairsenses/meditation/lucid dreaming/astral projection and i want to improve on all of these! meditation being my first priority.
  4. i have… queen astaroth reaching out too. now, i asked my cards months before i decided to research demons “who are my spirit guides?” and i got the star. i didn’t understand until three/four weeks ago when i asked more questions and did more research. looking into the history of astaroth (inanna/ishtar/astarte… you get me) and then looking at how strong star imagery she has… it was a no-brainer. i asked the cards if it was her, and it was a strong yes. i have not invoked her either, and i feel bad for making her wait but i just don’t think im ready. i might not even be able to see/hear/understand her or her signs if i don’t develop myself first. she’s understanding, thankfully.
  5. i wish to eventually work with dragons and know that a few do come around. trying to remind myself that this isnt a race, and that i need to grow a lot more.

i hope this wasn’t too rambly, and please excuse any typos! i’m a quite tired today, haha, and my fingers don’t move as fast as my mind does! im excited to talk and grow with you all!!


Awesome into, thanks for telling us about your background, and hope you enjoy the forum! :+1:

Welcome to the forum :man_juggling::man_juggling:

Welcome to the forum Rose, great to have you here :bouquet: