New Personal "Quirks" as Alchemy Progresses?

Obviously alchemy can refine a person inside and out…

but one thing i’ve noticed over the past several months of my alchemical work is that I’ve started to develop these quirks, sort of like “nervous ticks”… but i feel like “confident fiddling” is more appropriate a term, haha

i wont list them all, but nowadays i fiddle with my fingers a lot, play with my hair more, run my fingernails back and forth over my lips… I seem to posture myself a bit differently and my emoting feels almost entirely different…

has anyone else experienced sort of “extraneous” quirks that are seemingly neither helpful nor harmful develop through alchemy? :thinking:


@anon75934406 May we speak on this matter in pm?

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Yeh go for it. I can’t respond rn but I will when I can.

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