New moon summoning of Lucifer

I gave Lucifer an altar on the new moon. I just been drawn to him in his sigil. I’ve evoked demons and gods like hekate in the past but never lucifer. I wanted to introduce myself to him give him two candles Anointed with blood, rose tea, cinnamon and dragons blood incense. I lit the candles and made a petition to help me with some personal issues. how will I know he heard me? how would I know if you came to me? I asked him to give me a token of proof within a few days but nothing. What do I do ?

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Could you have received something not physical?
I had to deal with my father a month ago, days after first getting back into occult LHP study, my dad ruined my internal balance and I chose to ask Lucifer for assistance in helping my father to see what he was making a huge deal about was actually very trivial. It was nothing more than me imagining his sigil, calling out his een, and asking for the help. After I thanked him for hearing my petition I was filled with a feeling of confidence and warmth.

When I saw my dad 2 days later it was like nothing had happened. That’s not like him. I couldn’t see or hear him, but with that confident feeling and warmth I knew he heard. I wouldn’t bother asking for a trinket or anything like that.

Lucifer truly can be kind and benevolent, but give him time to do his work.

When you see or feel ANYTHING during the ritual?