New Moon and Daemons

Is there a particular daemon(s) that is good to work with during the new moon phase?

Lilith & Hekate are well known to be connected to the darkmoon/newmoon.



Google her.

goddess of magic, necromancy and other things.

the name is familiar since i used it for my moon goddess in my book i didnt know she was a demon

She isn’t, she’s a powerful god.

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i was gonna say wow you work with her?

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Yeah, she is very formidable. There are a lot of pages on her here

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id like to meet her not sure if im strong enough to contact her

I made the mistake of begging for dumb shit when we first communicated lol. Strength isn’t really necessary, just be very respectful and offer her a ton of shit if you wanna communicate

ok i’ll do that she must be just as wonderful as i pictured her

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