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Hi I Am Z

I’m new to this. I have some knowledge of energies and chakras but I would love to learn more of certain things such as “astral travel” and also learning about my path in life. I also want to learn about rituals and magick


Welcome, youll find plenty of information on this forum. Hope you enjoy our company, and hopefully joining will help you progress on your journey!

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Are you a complete beginner in magick?

What areas are you most interested in exploring?

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Yes I’m new to magick specifically. I’ve done my research and learning on chakras and energies for the last year. I feel as if all knowledge good or bad is something to use to grow as a beginner. But Im Interested in communication with demons and angels. Not only that but learning my path throughout life.

Theres been a lot of deaths around me recently and people I’ve lost in my life who I would do anything to help.

We have many great beginner resources here, so help yourself to the search function in the upper right, and you’ll find plenty of information to get you started. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Appreciate the help.

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Any specific demons or angels that you’re drawn to?

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your journey and your time With the forum members, it’s all about learning and developing you personal skills and this is a great place to start.