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Hello there, like most people on this website I am looking for answers and people with similar experiences. I am no longer practicing the art. However, even after cutting myself off from this side of the coin, what I have left behind me in my past follows me like a shadow. I will try to be as transparent as I possibly can. I am not here to practice; I am here to observe, study, and connect with people. This forum is the only place I could find that has people with similar experiences that I have had.

I don’t know if I should explain any more than what has been said. If you have any questions about me I will be as honest as possible.

Please explain more about your experience in magick. This information is helpful to us in providing proper advice and guidance and also helps us to evaluate any advice you yourself may give.

What are you looking for? Your intro was incredibly cryptic, suggesting that you want to engage but you lack those skills necessary. What happened to you that caused you to turn your back on the occult?

If your’e here to observe and connect thats good, but why study with no intention to practice. Your’e wasting your time in my opinion. What connections are you looking for?

You’ve not really given any examples of your experiences, vague description at best so how do you intend to meet people with similar experiences?

I would consider posting a proper introduction and put a bit more into it to gain the proper responses.

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I have been talking to entities since I nine. Once I was in high school I was able to look for more answers and finally found them through grimoires such as the Key of Solomon, the Book of Abrahmelin, Verum, and the Book of Honorius. I was mostly alone with the process, and the few friends who did understand were having bad experiences with it.
I have gone through multiple therapists to find out more about what I experienced and all of them never though of me as dangerous but having a over active or sensitive mind.
I primary have experience with evocation, but I never really needed to do much ritualistically to complete the task. I was informed by them to practice meditation and mindfulness at a very young age while I was in elementary school. One of my primary teachers was Thoth who helped me become very skilled with mathematics, which has become part of my future career as I advance in college. There is a lot more I can dive into, such as familiars, pacts, and channeling.
Things became imbalanced when I graduated high school and it became necessary to leave it behind and follow a new path. At the age of 19 I began a new life and since then I have been happier and healthier. The familial bonds that I feel to certain things haven’t left me though, and I am realizing that my absence to it has only heightened my understandings and sensitivity to it.
I am young, I am not even 30 yet.

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Greetings and welcome to BALG. There are many posts/links regarding occult knowledge and rituals, please check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right: and you will find the answer.

I am sorry for being cryptic, it’s a bad habit, but its also because it is hard to condense everything into as few words as possible. I am also very cautious with who I talk to. My relationship with the occult was becoming self-destructive, something that it promised not to be, and I needed something it couldn’t offer; so I had to do what was necessary and leave it. It has become apparent that this was a stepping stone in my journey.

I have told DarkestKnight some of my experiences. I don’t find the pursuit of knowledge to be anything wasteful. I am no longer practicing, but they still try to reach me from time to time. I am writing down my personal experiences, and I want to ask many questions about other’s personal experiences with particular demons. I have felt alone most of my life with this stuff.

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Thank you, I have found that very helpful.

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I have found many occultist take their practice to a dark place. Fire and brimstone stuff, death and destruction, imposing their wills on others in a supposed godlike fashion. Fortunately there are lots of amazing people on this forum that are full of knowledge and willing to share what they learn for the good of all :slight_smile:

I’m curious how you found it to be destructive in your case? Many who become self destructive or just destructive in general never built a good foundation or working knowledge. They seek immediacy in all they do, or the mental state they begin with is just broken. They never truly see!

Your time on this plane is for sure a journey of discovery and I would love to hear more about yours. If you consider this a stepping stone, do you have any ideas where your journey may take you?

Sorry if I came across harsh in the beginning, just winding down from some workings and sometimes my etiquette go awry and I say things literally. I’m getting used to it though. LOL

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You said you have been hearing voices since age 9, have other things happened at an early age, have things disappeared mysteriously, anger flashes, were the voices deceptive and threatening?

Thanks. I was learning all of this on my own so I had no one to tell me what was the right or wrong thing to do except for the entities and books I worked with. I wasn’t searching for power as much as i was trying to understand and deal with what I was experiencing. When I think back to it, everything fell apart after this one traumatic event in my life that caused me to lose my sense of personal value. That was when my mental state really turned and after years of chronic depression I finally was able move on and stop hating myself. In some ways I killed my old self, if that makes sense, by getting rid of who I once was. Completely. However, some old friends like to come around and visit from time to time.

I think at this moment my journey might lead me to sanctity and fulfilling my purpose, whatever that may be.

Not just hearing but seeing who’s speaking to me.
Before then I would have nonstop nightmares as a child and I ended up having a sleep disorder. Once They showed up into my life and started to become part of my life the nightmares stopped. I don’t have anger flashes but most of my friends and family have told me that I don’t always seem present, head in the clouds, or always thinking.
The entities that liked to be with me were friendly but tried to keep things secretive. It wasn’t till later, late high school, when I was threatened to keep quite or else I would be thrown into an asylum. I actually tried to see if I was schizophrenic with more than one therapist but they all have told me that I was too rational and self aware to be one. They didn’t deny psychosis however.
It didn’t help that I met a few friends at my high school who could see exactly what I was seeing, down to the fine detail of what the entity looked like. One of us could point to the direction where it was and the other could describe its definite shape. Their experiences with them however was hostile (experiences with sleep paralysis, threatening voices, and other very invasive actions) because of this I was never really able to connect any further. They didn’t want to talk anymore about it. I think it only made us have more questions than answers.

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Too be honest and perhaps you won’t believe it, as what you are describing with both visions and other signs to you and others is a pretty strong hex that was probably cast against your parents, as you are part of your parents as they created you, you carry there genes. The demon wants to destroy any happiness and destroy the most important thing in a parents life, there family and children.

This deity wants you to know you are under torment and is warning you that this hex is still ongoing and has transcended to you.

This sort of thing happens a lot more often than we think. Sometimes, it just needs someone to stare at you with envy, and by doing so, gives you what I call the “evil eye”.

You mentioned seeing an entity what did he look like, what color clothing, hair?

Did you ever have any strange scratches or burn marks?

Yeah, I really don’t believe it. I would consider it if my past family members have also experienced some kind of mental psychosis. Also, every misfortune my family has gone through has been down by their hand and not by strange or unusual circumstances.

I do know that demons are sent out to attack certain persons, but other people’s feelings against me only have an effect if I take it personally and allow myself to put energy into it. I have met people who suck out all of the energy out of you like vampires though, the kind of people who make you feel physically tired being around while doing their best trying to make you feel lesser than them. Criticism should help strengthen one’s character, not break it down do dust.

Some of these entities look human, and many look like a mashed mix of other things — some with the heads of creatures that look like animals, some bipedal while others not perhaps if I can describe one of them that I was able to see clearly in a dream I had before I decided to let go.

The head had a face that was long like the face of a bull skeleton, and its nose was even an indentation like that of a skull. The eyes were very human, and they were gold in color. On the head, some protrusions that remind me of the wall illustrations of Set, there were four instead of two, however. She had skin that reminded me of a green river stone. Thin body that had very long legs, like a satyr.

My usual visions of them are abstract, but I can see colors, main details, and if they come close enough, I can see them more clearly. They can take any shape they want, but I always prefer to ask them to be in their own shape. Strangely, I have to admit; I think most of them are very beautiful.
I have come across ones that have frightened me and made it very evident that they were harmful. He liked to stand in doorways. He smelled of rotting meat and something like bad eggs. He looked like someone skinned a dog and bent its body in a way so that it would stand like a man. It wore the skin of a long-haired dog or a man very loosely. I remember that he had white eyes like they were blind, and he used to whisper the worst things. Things that our imagination does not even want to dive into, primarily about the dark pleasures and abuses people have done to others and various molestation and manipulation methods. Telling me to kill myself.

That is something I do not miss. My interaction with that thing. It was the first time I ever saw an entity that gave off a definite smell.

I have two light red marks on my left arm that look like the runes othela and a backward ansuz if you want to help me solve that puzzle.

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