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Hey everyone,

Just following the rules here and introducing myself.
I’m Arabian, a new member residing in Ontario, Canada.
My grandmother was a witch, but I never spent time with her when she was alive and my family prohibits the discussion of magick so nothing was introduced to me that way. My interest in magick sprouts from an obsession with my crush which drove me to read and learn all that I can about love magick and hoodoo. As E.A. Koetting would put it, I’m looking for help to “Transform your crush into your sex pet” lol but I will make another post with more details if anyone is kind enough to guide me in the right direction. Unfortunately I am very new and won’t be providing any expert advice, but I am definitely willing to do whatever I can if needed and provide information from what I’ve read. I’ve already read through many of the other users’ posts and I am very grateful for all the new information I’ve learned. I hope I am welcome here and sending good thoughts towards you all!

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Do you have any practical experience?

Have you read anything other than E.A.'s books


Hey, thanks for your reply! For practical experience, nothing more than a love-jar spell.
For other readings, I’ve read a lot of online posts and the following books on Kindle:

Black Magic Love Spells by Ingrid Thornton
The Book of Shadows by Brittany Nightshade
13 Hoodoo Jar Spells by Elizabeth Dupart
Enoch’s Book Of Sigils by Enoch Petrucelly
Love Sigils Made Easy by Art Russell Clovis
Sigil: Powerful Magickal Arabic Sigils by Lecum Ferre
The Witches Book of Spells by R. Marten

I am currently reading Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want by Diane Ahlquist :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering and welcome.

Check out the search feature, its the little magnifying glass in the corner. Check out the beginner’s tutorials. There is an immense amount of knowledge at the tips of your finger. Its just a quick search away.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Hello @Lady_Eva. I’ve been gone for a while. @MyloveV was my previous acct. Lady_Eva would you please message me regarding this account. Glad to be back! There is much work to be done.

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Also @NailOH, if you feel it’s ok, I have a question for you.

Welcome to the balg forum @Arabian

I re-opened the account, is that what you wanted? :slight_smile:

:kissing_heart: you always know. Thank you! It is good to be back.

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