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Yes I am a new member, all my life I have connected with the so called supernatural. I remember when I was 5 years old I was living at my grandparents home for a while. My sister was coming into the world at that time.

Well I was very pissed about being at my grandparents home. My aunt’s had played very loud music. I put my hands on my ears and I said turn that music down. After I said that the room felt different, like a change in energy. The music went down, And I was nowhere, no light no heat no anything. It was like nothing at all. When I came back to so called normal, my aunts were trying to get the volume back up, but they could not it stayed down for that whole day.

After my sister came, we went to Okinawa Japan. My father was in the military. I learned zazen meditation. I also learned to use my energy to feel things from a distance. There was much more that I learned, but I’m always wanting more. Is that a bad thing to want more?

I’m open to a lot of different magical things.

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Do you practice anything in particular?

Any experience in systems or traditions of magick?

Interesting story. Welcome!

Well, I practice a Japanese energy magic. I have learned some of the western magic systems, i.e. Kabbalah, and Alister Crowley’s system OTO style stuff. I’m learning some other stuff on here. But most of the time I go back to the energy magic it is much faster for me to use it almost instantaneously.

I am open to other systems. I even bring in other magical systems at times during my magic.

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Thank you Splug.

What’s it called?

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Welcome to the forum

Darkest Knight,

When I was in Okinawa, I had just started the 2nd grade, from what I remember my culture teacher told me it was a style of Tai Chi that the samurai and ninja used. She never told me the name of it. I wish I knew the name, I had even looked it up years ago to try and find the name of it and couldn’t find squat. Anyway the less the I knew the better for them. The first day that I started learning I asked the other children about it. I was yelled at by my teacher, she said " you are never to talk about that to anyone."

I was taught a lot but the names of thing I was not told. I wish I could tell you. But I do remember a enough if how to do the things.

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