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Hi everyone,

I’m Lawrence, I’m from Italy (even if I live in France). I have been developing an interest in the Occult for a few years now. Until now I didn’t any experience… I’m very attracted to angels (I have recently bought the Damon Brand’s book about Shem angels :slight_smile: . I hope I’ll learn from the experiences of others in this forum.



Welcome to the forum! I hope that you enjoy your time here and learn many useful things.

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Welcome @Lawrence

So you don’t currently practice anything?

Is there any particular type of angelic magick you are interested in?

What are your goals in learning magick?

At the moment I don’t practice anything but I would like to start as soon as possible. I like the fact that an entity can learn me a lot of things… so my goal is to improve my skills and my knowledge through magic and by angels help.


Welcome to the forum !

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Welcome :blush:

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