New member, not new to this...questions on Amaymon

I’ve progressed pretty far since I was a child lost in wiccan practice and research. The women in my family are witches in different sects. Money, tarot, divination. I’ve been on the cusp of the spirit realm for a very long time. I started asking questions in meditation and through writing. Amaymon introduced himself. He guided me to the answers I needed. He stuck around.

I saw in one of the Koetting videos he said Lucifer Amaymon. I’d love to know if that means what I think it does. He holds my heart in his hands.

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Welcome to forum !but first you introduced yourself
Your experiences and magickal practices and so forth.

As e.a koetting said amaymon is darkest side of Lucifer but also the most profound to help,I’ve never contacted Lucifer but seen signs showing to me.

Profound, very. He brought me to the brink of the viel. Took away my sleep, but he gave me much more.

Magickal practices…Closest to voodoo I think. Representative objects placed in meaningful places. Executing will through writing…interpretation of signs. I’m very nervous to out myself…

Welcome @icebear It is a rule here for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have experience in any particular system of magick?

I’m 27 and self taught. It’s been rough working out the kinks. From where I hail is in my bio. Ive practiced since i was four or five…

Welcome to the forum.

How do children get a grasp of understanding to practice magick at such a young age?

Did you start out with getting familiar to certain practices such as rituals? items? crystals? OR just read books and started developing yourself with meditation and all that jazz?

i find that highly unlikely based on what I know of childhood cognitive development but welcome to the forum.

Familiarizing myself with attributes of different plants and herbs and the phases of the moon was my first step. Then colors and crystals and some of the other planets. My grandma was an astrologer so that was also exposed to me since i was very young. I spent a lot of time there. Lilith was the first spirit i really tried to learn as much as i could about.

Others came later…

Im not very good with time. I may have been a bit older but I know I was reading at that age, a few years above my supposed reading level so. Not sure where the doubt is coming from.

And did you work with her when you reached the development where you could communicate/evoke?

Nothing personal. I doubt anyone who makes claims to have been practicing magick that young. Neuroscience research shows that children don’t even begin to develop cognitive memory until around 3 years of age, so a child of four isn’t really capable of grasping magical concepts. Even at 5, when basic schooling starts, children have difficulty with abstract thinking.

Welcome to the forum. i hope you enjoy your time sown the rabbit hole of BALG :slight_smile:

Yes I did. She helped shape me. But when i started i was scared of the rule of three and didnt do much casting. Only learning.

You mean the threefold law or something, isn’t it?

Case studies focus on the majority. I certainly was not the majority.

It’s also referred to as the threefold law.

You’re perfectly free to believe that. It doesn’t mean I do :man_shrugging:


I see. So what have you decided to do? Work towards your ascension? Comfort and stability in life? or something else, if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you define ascension in your own words for me?

Ascension as in working with yourself to progress to a higher consciousness, to reach a higher vibration level, going beyond the limit set by your mind. That’s how I mostly understand it