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Greetings! I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I’ve been a witch for only 3 years, and since I began to practise I’ve been heavily working with Hekate.
I’ve had spontaneous “divination episodes” and I’ve been visited by someone I don’t know and didn’t call for, and as much as I love surprises of that nature, I’d love to learn how to control these episodes (in order for them to happen more often).
I wish to learn how to phisically see entities. Until now I’ve only seen them with my third eye, so confirming contact would have been impossible if not for the success in my related craft and the accurate information I recieved (wich was thoroughly confirmed by other people).
I’m also interested in Necromancy, Divination (Tarot, Scrying and whatever form I think would be fun) and approaching Hekate even more.
I don’t know if this is relevant, but the name of Astaroth resonates quite strongly in me. The same thing happened to me with Hekate’s name, that’s why I began working with Her even if I knew nothing about Her. Now I’ve dedicated my soul to Her, and offered it as part of Her Sacred Fires. I have yet to read a ton of books about Her, tho.
I’m extremely interested about Ancient History, I love trying to explain spiritual stuff in scientific terms (I’m studying Chemical Engineering) and I’m totally in lust with darker Magik.
Any thoughts on how I could seek answers to any of my doubts? Thank you for reading me :slight_smile:
Y si alguien es de Argentina por favor dígalo, estoy harta de no tener nadie con quien charlar en persona de esto


Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you!