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My username is Assoluto Cosmico. I am a 31 yr old female located in Westchester County, NY. I joined out of curiosity. I came in contact with this channel through the whole “become a living meme” episode. I came for the meme but stayed for the vids.

I would consider myself as a lukewarm Christian who wanders around looking for a better solution. The Christianity I grew up with at times felt very heavily influenced in hoodoo traditions. My mom would have us rebuking the "demons " away by using a saint Michael candle , throwing salt and holy water with a crucifix in one hand and then going to church to have Satan prayed away. Fun times…

I’ve never practiced “magic”. I have however, done small experiments to see if it was real and I got…ahem…strange results.

I once came across a video on how to make a servitor. I was a starving college student so I decided to create…a pizza monster. Something that would bring me free pizza and hot wings and a litre of soda every Friday. I’m a hot mess I know lmao. Out of the blue an old HS friend contacted me and somehow offered to buy me pizza every Friday. That was an interesting experience.

Another experience was when I was in desperate need for money. I came in contact with a demon called Clauneck. I told him I was broke and needed help and that if he helped me I would create a small altar for him. And this is were my life was flipped upside down. Long story short, I got a job where I was making alot a money only to get fired for going back on my word to him. Or at least I believe that’s the case…

Ever since then I never felt ok. Recently I had a brain aneurysm and I can’t help but believe that perhaps I pissed off some interdimentional being. I kept getting this strange feeling that I owed him an apology. At times I felt he was disappointed. I also heard other things but I won’t get into it. You may ask in the comments if you wish to know more.

Anyways, that’s my short introduction. I’m not here to troll and tell you to come back to Jesus. I’m just here because…well honestly I don’t know why I’m here. Maybe to lurk and think and process? Let me stop before I get myself blocked lmao. Ask whatever you want. Thanks for reading.



While it may seem like this forum is “All Demons, All the Time,” there are actually quite a few Christian magicians here so have no worries. All are welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome, your doing fine and being very respectful.

I am interested in hearing a little more detail, but I won’t push you.

As well as what DarkestKnight said, all are welcome.

But to your little problem. Yes, makeing that alter would probably be a very good idea. You did make a promise, it would be in bad taste not to keep this simple request. Yes I agree an apology could help as well.

As this is not my area of expertise, this is just a suggestion based on instincts.

I do hope you find your time here very enriching. As well I do hope we get to speak mor in the future.

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Interesting nice to know!

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Sure. What details would you like?

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What are those “other things” you heard?

Some of the things I heard was “im so dissapointed in you”. “I’ve kept others waiting longer even though they offered more than you”. Alot of resentment? If that makes any sense.

Ahh I see.

Ok my suggestion still stands, but I do feel it would be wise to get others advice as well.

As you know it is late where we are, so goodnight for now.

Ahh I see. I look around and see what I find. I’m a perpetually tortured night pegion so I hit the hay late. Good night

Did you make the altar just as you promised way before you were fired? Did you make the altar before or after you had an aneurysm? You should probably do what you promised, spirits love if you make huge efforts for them, then ask apology. You should know that these spirits are particular to promises. Promises, pacts, agreements are quite sacred to them.

Ugh no I never did do the alter :disappointed:. Bad i know. Honestly I noticed as time progressed things got worse including health wise.

Tbh I have no idea how to do a Clauneck alter. On top of that it’s hard to do anything to grandiose atm because I live with someone. That and I’m also a bit scared working with a demon that’s as intense as this one.

You should not make promises you could not keep. For the altar, candles with his sigil. Read some testimonies from other people too.

Welcome! And I agree with everything said above. While spirits have a different view on morality than we do, they do seem to hold keeping ends of bargains very strictly. Think of it as being hired to do a job where you did it to the best of your ability, perhaps even more than what was asked, only to be found that your boss wasn’t going to pay you. Anyone would be pissed at that and more likely lash out, which is likely what is going on here. Luckily they also seem quick to forgive if the payment is provided with effort and an apology.

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Im going to try to figure out how I can do that altar without drawing attention to my nosy housemate.

Here’s an idea that may work out. If you have a nightstand or dresser in your room, dedicate a small section to him. Place a candle that you can tape a small sigil towards him on the bottom where it won’t be seen by your housemate (dedicating the candle to him). Since he is a demon of wealth, you can keep a stack of coins next to it strictly for him. Every now and then, light the candle as an offering and let it burn for awhile. That’s it and, as long as it is made out of care, should be efficient. Altars are merely focal points, nothing that has to be elaborate unless you wish them to be


Thanks sounds like a solid plan I’ll do it!

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